Evans heating up at the right time

Palm Beach outfielder's average up more than 40 points in just a week

Terry Evans knows a good thing when he sees one. It's hard to argue against what is in his DVD collection, his favorite TV show, or what he thinks of the 2005 version of the Palm Beach Cardinals.

In his first full season with Palm Beach, Evans looks to contribute to what he feels will be a really good team. Primarily hitting sixth or seventh in the batting order, Evans is counted on to put up offensive numbers.

"My role," says Evans, "is to continue to drive in runs and score a lot of runs – run production basically."

Evans, a lanky outfielder from Dublin, Georgia, is living up to his expectations so far. Through Sunday's game at Clearwater, Evans has belted four homers and driven in 19 runs, which is good for third on the team in both categories.

Evans has come through in the clutch time and time again. With runners on, Evans is hitting .271. With runners on and two outs, Evans swings to a tune of .391.

After spending the majority of last year with Peoria, Evans is comfortable in his surroundings now that he is with Palm Beach.

"I like all these guys," Evans says referring to his teammates. "I like the staff a lot. I like this whole situation a lot."

What Evans also likes a lot are movies. Some of his favorites in his 40 or so DVD collection include Braveheart, Gladiator, and Troy. Though he cannot personally relate to the characters in these movies, he can see how the theme of these epics can be tied in to baseball.

"In most of these movies," says Evans, "there's always a struggle to get to a certain goal. The same goes for the Minor Leagues. You are paying your dues, and there is a lot of adversity. So you have to try and work through that and get to your ultimate goal."

Evans' goal recently was to stop at the mall and purchase the first three seasons of Seinfeld on DVD because as he states simply, "I knew I had to buy them." A self-proclaimed Kramer fan, Evans enjoys the show for its randomness.

He says, "You never know what you're going to get."

But for Palm Beach Cardinals fans, that is not the case with Terry Evans. Tied for sixth among Cardinals minor leaguers with 66 RBI a year ago, Evans should continue to deliver more than Newman, Seinfeld's mailman nemesis.

Evans has seen his batting average climb in the past week from .181 to .224 as he went 9 for 20. It appears that his bat, just like the weather, is starting to heat up.

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