Ten Reasons, either way

We're just over 1/4 through the season and I've (finally) seen enough to make some observations. So, here are my ten reasons to worry and ten more why we'll be just fine.

Ten Reasons to Worry:

10) Chris Carpenter in 2004: 38 walks in 28 appearances, so far 22 walks in 10 appearances.

9) Jeff Suppan: last two starts 0-2, 16 runs (Eckstein can only really take credit for a couple of those) in 8 IP

8) Albert Pujols is on pace to have his strikeout total increase for the first season (69) since he entered the league—has he finally topped out?

7) Roger Cedeno--.184 .156 .133 (OBP, SLG, AVG)—is still on our bench.

6) Scott Rolen didn't rebound well from his injury last year, started slow and has to come back again this season (#$&%# Hee-Seop Choi…)

5) We're excited about a starting player (Yadier Molina) who's still realistically fighting with the Mendoza Line

4) Our brand-new, all healthy Izzy has already been on the DL this season.

3) In the last month, 3rd most errors in the League

2) The Curse of Buzz: Writer Buzz Bissinger follows LaRussa in 2003 and the Cards choke in September. Now his book is out, is disaster inevitable?

1) Matt Morris is statistically our best starter.

Ten Reasons Not to be Worried

10) Yadi Molina is picking baserunners off first base like overripe fruit, not to mention he's killing opponents' running game (and he's hitting over .300 in May)

9) Matt Morris is returning to form and with stalwarts Carpenter and Mulder as the one-two punch at the top of rotation there isn't likely going to be a better #4 starter in all of baseball.

8) At the bottom of the NL in walks but first in GO/AO ratio (1.70) behind a historically solid defense

7) Pujols is on pace to hit 40 home runs, drive in 144—you know, same old, same old—and that's without compensating for his slow start this season.

6) Izzy—ERA under 1.00, 12 for 12 in save opportunities.

5) When Suppan goes 5 innings or more he averages only 2.14 runs an outing.

4) In 10 starts, Jason Marquis has given up 2 ER or less in six of those (five starts with only 1 ER)

3) On pace to win 104 games, already 7 games up in the NL Central.

2) We're the scariest team in the League on the Road. We don't suck at home, either.

1) The Central is shaping up to be a weak division this year. With the unbalanced schedule injuries and mini slumps don't figure to be nearly as pivotal as they were last year. In other words we don't have to be as dominant for the entire season like last year.

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