Game Diary with Joe #1

Say it isn't so Joe! Cedeno in right?

Memorial Day seems to have three things that are an integral part of it: remembrance, baseball, and Mother Nature's lack of cooperation for any plans made. Such was the case as I sat in my seat, with occasional snow flakes hovering in the air Monday night in Denver.

The drive into Denver had been harrowing as I made my way through the traffic, rain and occasional little bits of hail and ultimately to Coors Field. I fully expected the game to be canceled, but came in anyway to at least get my ticket so I could use it for what I assumed would be a Thursday double-header. In spite of the weatherman's dire predictions the rain actually did stop and after a 90 minute rain delay the Rockies and the Cardinals got in a solid nine innings of ball.

When the starting lineups were posted I was immediately disappointed. Granted, when I had planned this trip several months back I was looking forward to seeing Walker, Rolen, Edmonds and Pujols, so there was already a little bit of disappointment, but then I saw the starting right fielder in the #2 slot in the batting order was none other than Roger Cedeno. My notes say simply: "I freeze through a rain delay, wait an hour and a half and what do I get? Freaking Cedeno starting in right…"

In fact, probably because I was cold and cranky I decided that I would have "Cedeno Watch" during the game. The results were the following entries:

Top 1st inning—double play.

Bottom 1st—he's in the field, God help us (after he took a very roundabout route to a fly ball… that's foreshadowing…)

3rd inning—popout to centerfield

Top 5th—tagged out by the pitcher


7th Inning—Accidental Bunt

Bottom 7th—He's gone! Thank God for So!

Perhaps I'm being too hard on Roger, but then again, maybe it's time for Roger to hang it up. David Eckstein struck out in the third inning and I thought to myself "wow, that doesn't happen too often," which was true, but even rarer was that Cedeno had a hit. Eckstein's meager 12 K's on the season is still nearly double the number of hits Cedeno has managed this season. Others have said it, but the Cedeno experiment has failed. End it please!

A few other highlights from the evening:

A Rockies fan wondering aloud "Do the Rockies have any players who aren't straight out of high school?"

And the realization that I find people heckling mascots (especially the incredibly lame "Dinger" Barney look-alike the Rockies have) is immensely entertaining and amusing.

And the final entry in my notebook:

7th inning: Albert is a STUD—chip shot over the left field fence.

I don't know how that shot looked on television, but Albert just threw the bat out as if he were trying to just make contact on a hit and run and 350 feet or so later Albert had put the Cards ahead. Simply amazing.

Tomorrow I get to take a look at Mark Mulder. Should be fun.

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