Cody's Corner - #4

The Springfield Cardinals outfielder and top prospect answers your questions about life and play in the Cardinals' minor league system.

Thursday – July 21st – is RED OUT Night at Hammons Field. Per Mike Lindskog, the Springfield Cardinals are "inviting all persons in Southwest Missouri to wear their RED on Thursday, July 21st (to the Cards-Wranglers game), as it will be "RED OUT" day across Cardinals Country!" In addition, Fox Sports Midwest is broadcasting the game to the St Louis and Kansas City area, as the Springfield Cardinals take on the Wichita Wranglers, the Double-A affiliate of the Kansas City Royals. Show time starts at 7:00 p.m. Calling the action for Fox Sports will be former Cardinal All-Star Andy Benes and veteran play-by-play announcer Dave Armstrong. Currently, Benes hosts the Cardinals Crew kids show on FSN Midwest. If you can't catch the game on Fox Sports, JOCK 98.7 FM in Springfield will carry the game via radio and online through the Cardinals website at

Wichita concludes its five game series with the Cards on Saturday and then the Arkansas Travelers come in for a four game set.

Last night featured the AA debut of SS Brendan Ryan. Ryan was at Palm Beach before getting the call to come to Springfield this week. In its pre-season prospect list, Baseball America had Brendan rated as the top Cardinal positional player. Joining Brendan on the trip to Springfield was former Springfield pitcher Josh Axelson.

Now to the mailbag:

Question of the Week from Kathy of St Louis: - Hi Cody. I understand that you have a younger brother, who is also a pretty good ballplayer. How does he compare to you at the same stage in high school? Is he receiving any scholarship offers and/or looks from the scouts?

Hi Kathy, thanks for your question. Yes, I do have a very talented younger "big" brother. Casey is younger than me, but somehow managed to get 3 inches taller than me as well. He is a much more talented hitter than I was at his age and has a lot more natural talent. He has received many letters from colleges, but has no scholarship offers yet. I think his real dream would be to get drafted. Only time will tell if that will happen. If he continues to do what he has been doing and what I know he is capable of, he should be pretty happy come next June.

Bob from Cape Girardeau: Now that Chris Lambert has returned from the Futures Game, has he told you what the experience was like?

Chris had a great time at the Futures Game. I know he got to hang out with Daric Barton, whom he played with last year in Peoria. He also got to meet Dyar Miller, the AAA pitching coach from Memphis. Chris had nothing but positive things to say about his meeting with Miller. All in all it was a great experience for him.

Carl from Springfield, IL: Thanks for taking the time to do this Cody. I'm a big fan of yours since I saw you play several times last summer in Peoria. I'm curious to what your off-season workouts are like? Do you workout on your own with a trainer or do you workout with other players? And 1 last question. How close did you come to accepting the scholarship to UC-Irvine, instead of signing with the Cardinals?

Thanks for you e-mail Carl. I think that the off-season is the most important part of the "baseball season". After a long 140 game season, I'll take a week or so off. For some reason I can never take too much time off. I get bored and begin to miss it too much. During the off-season I'll work out with a trainer and two other baseball players 5 days a week. I also never stop hitting throughout the off-season. I'll hit one or two times a week just to keep my swing in shape and let my muscle memory take over. Once the new year hits, the workouts become a little bit easier because I begin to hit everyday. My first off-season, I did Yoga and really enjoyed it. I might start that up this year because it helped so much with my flexibility.

To answer your last question, I was very close to accepting my scholarship offer to UC-Irvine. I loved high school and enjoyed the challenge of class work. I knew that UCI was a very good school in Southern California and has a great medical program, something that interested me very much. But, when it came down to make a choice, I knew that I had to follow my dreams and play ball, because I may never have gotten that opportunity again.

Dennis from Arnold, MO: Have you heard when Gabe Johnson will be activated from the DL? Will he start back at Springfield when he is activated or do you think he'll go down a level or two to get started (Palm Beach/Quad Cities)?

I have not heard anything as to when Gabe will be back. All I know is that he has been working out with the Palm Beach team at the Roger Dean Stadium complex in Jupiter. I will try to find out more information for you and get back to you.

Liz from Marissa, IL: Hi Cody. Do you plan on playing winter ball this off-season?

I would love to play in the Arizona Fall League this off-season. If that does not happen, I'll just have to wait and see what other opportunities come my way. But, my main goal for this off-season is to play in the AFL. Thanks again for your question Liz.

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