Cody's Corner - #6

The Springfield Cardinals outfielder and top prospect answers your questions about life and play in the Cardinals' minor league system.

From this week's mailbag"

Question of the Week - From Kathy in St Louis: I see that Alan Benes was recently signed and added to the Springfield roster. Have you had the chance to spend any time with him and get his perspective on what it's like to play "in the show"?

Alan Benes is an awesome guy. He's only been here a few days and already I have seen him helping some of the younger pitchers. I have not gotten a chance to talk to him about playing in the big leagues but I'm sure it will come up one time or another. We did have a good conversation on the bus from Tulsa to Little Rock about fishing! Thanks again Kathy and I'll be sure to let you know if any good stories come up.

From Leonda Markee - Scout Forum Moderator: Hi Cody. First, a belated happy birthday to you and congratulations on being named to the AFL team! That's great.

I was listening to a Springfield game recently and heard that it was "Travis Hanson Lunchbox Night". That prompts two questions: 1) What did Travis do to earn this honor and 2) If you received your own promotion night, what type of promotion would you like it to be?

Someone has to ask the silly questions.

Leonda, your guess is as good as mine as to why there was a Travis Hanson lunch box night. However, if anyone deserves one, it would be him. He's a great player and a leader on the team.

I would never expect to have my own promotion night. If I did, a bobblehead would be pretty cool. Thanks again for your e-mail!

Phil from Imperial: Thanks for doing this Cody. I really look forward to your column every Friday. From watching Tony LaRussa during his stint here as manager, I know that he loves players who can play multiple positions. Have you given any thought to working on playing 1B/2B/3B to improve your chances of making it to the big leagues?

Thanks for the e-mail Phil. The Cardinals drafted me as a third basemen in 2002. That did not work out and I was moved to left field in 2004. I would love to play other positions, because like you said, it increases my chances of making it to the big leagues. If the Cardinals want me to work on other positions I would do it in a heartbeat. I basically have to just keep doing my job and wait and see what their plans are for me in the future.

Jeff from St Louis: Hi Cody. Couple of quick questions. 1) Did you have an agent at the time that you signed with the Cards and if so, who was he/she? Do you have an agent now and what does an agent do for you as a minor league player? 2) I see that your going to the AFL. Do you know who the other Cards players that will be going with you and 3) what other MLB teams will be providing teammates for you? Have a good month at the plate :)

Thanks for the e-mail Jeff. I did have an agent before I was drafted. But, when you are in high school or college they are called "advisors". However, about a year or so after I was drafted, my original agent and I parted ways. I have signed a deal with a new agent since then. As a minor league player your agent provides you mainly with equipment and advice. Also, there are a few endorsement deals that he helps out with like baseball cards. His job as my agent really doesn't come into major play until I make it to the big leagues. Once I get there, it is his job to do all the negotiations and such.

Thanks about the AFL. I know that Chris Lambert, Travis Hanson, Cory Doyne and Gabe Johnson will be joining me. There might me some more people coming as well, but as of right now, that's all I know. We will be playing in Surprise, AZ and I think the Royals, Phillies and Angels will be supplying players to our team. I'm not sure who the other team is that will be supplying players. Thanks again Jeff.

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