Saturday Cards Clubhouse Post-Game Comments

Remarks from Tony La Russa and losing pitcher Jason Marquis directly from the Cardinals' clubhouse.

Tony La Russa


On Marquis.


He had a real chance. You could see how fast the game got away from him. He made some mistakes you can't make in a game where the other guy is pitching as well as he (Tim Hudson) did.


On whether they spotted anything different in Marquis between the early innings and the end.

Well, whatever we noticed, we are not going to tell anybody. That would go under the category of scouting reports… The fact is, he made mistakes and the game got away. And why? I think that is something just for us to talk about.


On whether the home runs were missed pitches or lack of aggressiveness.


I am not going to dissect it. When you put six runs on the board in two innings, after throwing as well as he did in the first four, some things changed. And some of it is preventable. He made some mistakes.


On seeing Hudson a second time vs. first.


Last time we saw him, we scored four in the first. After that, we didn't do much against him. He is an outstanding pitcher… What I have seen his whole career. He is a complete pitcher.


On having chances.


We had a couple of chances. That was important. When you have one and you can add a run or two, maybe the game changes. He made the pitches to get us out.


On Albert getting doubled off first while trying to take second base in the eighth.


He was trying to steal the bag. He saw it off the bat and picked up Andruw Jones. And he was right, Jones was dekeing. And he didn't pick up Giles (who caught the ball) the same way. Who knows? With second and third and no out in the eighth, you could pick up two and it would be 6-3. Aggressive is our style and sometimes it backfires.


On whether the two home runs by Jones were on pitches that were up.


They shouldn't be pitches where they can get to them that easily.


On Marquis' situation.

There are games like the San Diego game (2-1 loss on 7/27) where he did all he could and deserved better. He's getting to the point now where… he is in his second year in the rotation… He's getting to the point now where improvement is to be expected. What he is going to have to do is give us a better chance to win.


Jason Marquis


On what happened.


I let the game get away from me. After falling behind 2-1, I tried to get a little too perfect. Knowing the other guy could shut us down, I needed to keep us as close as possible. I put myself in situations, in counts and in putting runners on, that there was nothing but to fail. I didn't make pitches when I had to.


On whether he has problems when there are men on base coming from the windup vs. the stretch.


No, I don't think so. I feel comfortable what I am doing right now. It is one of those things where I am not making pitches.


On whether the opposing pitcher is a factor in how he throws.


No. Obviously, when it is a 2-1 ball game, it doesn't matter who is on the other side. I have to keep my team in this as much as possible. Sometimes, I try to be a little too perfect and not revert back to what I was doing earlier, being aggressive early in the count.


On whether the Cards' injuries are causing him to put too much pressure on himself.


I go out there and try to pitch my game every time, no matter what team I am facing and who I am facing. I try to put my team in the best position to win and I haven't been doing that lately.


On whether he was as comfortable as he looked early on.


Definitely. I was being aggressive early in the count, down in the zone, getting ahead of hitters. That is the key. In the fifth inning, you give up a couple of runs. Obviously the one to Betemit; I can't let him beat me with the pitcher on deck. Come the sixth inning, I fell behind hitters. I wasn't getting ahead like I was earlier in the game.


On whether Jones' homers were good offense or bad execution.


On the second one, the grand slam, I didn't execute the pitch like I wanted to. I was in a position where there was no room to put him. I wanted to throw him good quality pitches down in the zone. First one was a cutter out over the plate. I had success with it on the first at-bat. It wasn't that bad of a pitch.


On whether Jones is different from when they were teammates.


I think he is a little more selective about the pitches he is going to swing at. Andruw has more talent than just about anyone in the game. He is still young and still learning about himself. He is in a zone and I hope tomorrow Carp will stop him.

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