The Week That Was (and a Bit That Wasn't)

From the World According to Joe Mammy.

What a fun week in baseball.


Here's my favorite baseball quote of the year so far:


"It was just two competitive clubs. Both clubs want to win and things probably got a little bit out of hand," courtesy of Lloyd McClendon.  Note to Lloyd: 54-73 is not a competitive club.  There are only three teams worse in the entirety of Major League Baseball at the moment.  The Pirates are so bad this year that they wouldn't even be in the running in the NL West this year (and that's saying something).  The power of Rex has already compelled an article on Gerald Perry so I won't belabor the point but I would like to make a comparison to another team by year:


Team 1: salary 40.39 million, record 72-89

Team 2: salary 36.83 million, record 67-94


2005: (to date)

Team 1: salary 44.58 million, record 54-74

Team 2: salary 51.48 million, record 63-65


Team 1 is the Pirates and Team 2 is the Brewers.  The Brewers under Ned Yost have earned the respect of fans and opposing teams alike by coaching their young talent and playing the game right.  I think it's finally starting to reflect in the way the organization is turning around.  Contrast that with the Pirates who under McClendon have continued their decade of futility.  There are differences in philosophy, but the recklessness of the game Tuesday was something that would have shocked me from the Brewers but it seemed like more of the same from the Pirates.  It's a shame because the Pirates are a storied franchise with the likes of Willie Stargell and Ralph Kiner and frankly a lot of the guys on the roster now impress me.  Hopefully there'll be a bit more leadership from ownership and the manager in the future.


Meanwhile, in Florida a batboy has been suspended for trying to build healthy bones and teeth (and make a quick five spot in the process).  In a Boston radio station interview Curt Schilling was quick to say

"He obviously sat next to me in Washington and lied.  I don't know that there's any way to prove that anything he did was not under the influence of lactose-enhanced beverages."


Frank Robinson has already stated that all of the batboy's accomplishments should be stricken from the record as well as his eligibility for the Batboy Hall of Fame.


Finally, Tony LaRussa has officially become #3 on the managerial all-time wins list passing Sparky Anderson.  He's endured a truck load of second-guessing (like, why is Jason Marquis throwing BP during a live game) but in all seriousness I'd like to congratulate Tony on the victory and what has been a great season to this point. 


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