Baseball Men Interview Series - In Totality featured in-depth interviews with some of the most compelling figures in the game.

One of the wonders within the game of baseball is in its wide-ranging diversity, the way that fans can enjoy the game from so many perspectives. In the new ‘Baseball Men' interview series, Peter Handrinos speaks to renowned figures from around the National Pastime to shed new light on those many paths around the bases.


The series' subjects are among the most iconic, revered figures in all of sports - it's a roster that includes a Hall of Fame broadcaster, a World Champion General Manager, a pioneering player's agent, a legendary union leader, and a collegiate ‘Coach of the Century', among others. The common thread among these lifers? A passion for the game and an intimate knowledge of the values and experiences which allow baseball to endure as a treasured American institution.   


All the individual ‘Baseball Men' pieces provide engaging character studies and insider views, but as a whole they do something more. Together, the series provides new glimpses into the myriad reasons why baseball remains our singular National Pastime.


The Agent

Randy Hendricks, personal representative for Roger Clemens and other All-Stars

September 21 -



The Owner

Bill DeWitt, Jr., Managing General Partner of the pennant-winning St. Louis Cardinals

September 23 –



The Beat Writer

Tyler Kepner, New York Times correspondent to the Yankees

September 26 –


The Commissioner

Fay Vincent, former head of Major League Baseball

September 28 –



The Broadcaster

Bob Wolff, Hall of Fame play-by-play man for the World Series and All-Star Game

September 30 –



The Phenom
Steve Dalkowski, Minor League legend as 'the fastest pitcher ever'

October 3 -


The Dreamer

Mike Porzio, veteran of 11 Minor League Seasons and 51 Major League games

October 5 -




The Independent
Mickey Herbert, owner of the Atlantic League's Bridgeport Bluefish

October 7 -




The Mentor

Rod Dedeaux, Collegiate Baseball's ‘Coach of the Century'

October 10 -


The Scout

Paul Snyder, member of the Braves Hall of Fame

October 12 -




The Man in Blue

Eric Gregg, veteran National League Umpire

October 14 -


The Performer  

Ted Giannoulas, world-famous ‘San Diego Chicken' comic

August 13 -


The Historian

Peter Golenbock, author of bestselling histories of the Yankees, Cardinals/Browns, Cubs, Mets, and Red Sox

October 17 -



The Leader  

Marvin Miller, renowned Executive Director of the MLB Players Association

October 19 –



The GM

Pat Gillick, former Executive of the Year and two-time World Series Champion

October 21 –



The Sportswriter

Frank Deford, six-time ‘Sportswriter of the Year'

October 24 -


The Team Player
John Flaherty, reserve catcher for the
New York Yankees

October 25 -


The Little League Coach

Russell Miller, 20-year veteran as youth baseball leader

October 28 -


The Prospect
Ryan Zimmerman, recent college standout and new member of the Washington


October 31 -


The Economist

Dr. Andrew Zimbalist, Smith College professor and authority on the business of baseball

November 2 -


The Bat Boy

Matt McGough, bestselling author of ‘Bat Boy'

November 4 -


The Teacher

Dr. Tom House, former pitching coach to Randy Johnson and Nolan Ryan

November 7 -


The Talker

Chris Russo, host for New York's #1 rated ‘Mike and the Mad Dog' radio program

November 9 -


The Architect

Joe Spear, HOK Sports principal for Camden Yards and other landmark ballparks
November 11 –


The Statistician

Steve Mann, founder of STATS Inc. and fantasy baseball expert

November 14 -


Peter Handrinos is a former columnist for the Most Valuable Network's ‘All Baseball'. A Yale and University of Virginia Law graduate, he is the author of the widely syndicated ‘United States of Baseball' column as well as the upcoming book ‘Today's Glory Days:  Why Baseball Has Never Been Better'.

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