Why I Don't Care

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Why I Don't Care


Perhaps I'm beating a dead horse, but Ray and Rex both weighed in on this and, being ornery, I thought I'd contribute my own opinion on the matter.


It's easy for me to second guess Tony La Russa, but on some level I don't care if he includes Matt Morris and not Jason Marquis, or if Ray King makes the roster at all.  I think the clearest problem is that La Russa has taken his "iron man" mentality a little too seriously.  A quick look at the Chris Carpenter's last three starts would indicate that not skipping a start might not have been the best idea.  Combine that with the fact that Matt Morris is looking like he should have missed a few starts since the All-Star break and the rotation isn't looking nearly as impenetrable as it did even a month ago.


La Russa has been good at keeping his patchwork lineup motivated with the mantra of "we play nine" but that has meant seeing Pujols almost everyday, the starting five pitching with only two starts going to other pitchers all season.  And while I'd love to see Pujols win his long-overdue MVP and Carp nail down the Cy Young that he deserves, I want to see them lift the hardware in October more.  What's more, Pujols and Carpenter have said the exact same thing.  While I applaud La Russa trying to back his players' in their individual achievements, he's playing Russian Roulette with a couple players who've been banged up for the majority of the second half (Pujols and Edmonds), his ace starter, and guys like Eckstein and Nunez who seem to go on forever.


Am I the only one who remembers how out of gas the Cards looked in the World Series last year?  Tony seems like a guy who learns from past mistakes, but this seems to be blundering ahead without consideration.  It's a nice notion to keep the regular guys plugging away and appealing to their journeyman mentality at grinding forward, but this isn't about the regular season—it's about one more month of extra, high-pressure baseball against the best teams in the league.


So, as much as on some level it pains me to say it: I don't care.  I don't care if Barry Bonds wins the MVP again (and I suspect someone, somewhere is thinking it should happen) or if Roger Clemens wins the Cy Young.  I don't care if Marquis is bumped or if Morris is finally sat on the bench for the postseason.  I want the big one.  I want four wins against the American League in the postseason and I want these last games to reflect that the Cardinals are serious about making it happen, and right now I'm not seeing it.


Sit Pujols for three or four games.  Better yet, take a road trip and leave him behind.  He's a gamer and being around the game is going to drive him nuts if he's not going to play so just let him kick back, maybe play some golf, whatever—rest the heel, rest the hamstring, clear the head.  Same thing with Edmonds and Carpenter and give Eckstein and Nunez a day or two off while you're at it.  Let's face it, after watching the series against the Brewers, it's hard to believe that the team would have looked much worse if those guys had been resting instead of starting.


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