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It's like I've stepped into an alternate "Rodney Dangerfield" reality.  What does the best record in the league, the most dynamic starting rotation and the most fascinating matchups give you?  Second fiddle to the AL, of course.  The NLCS and ALCS schedules were released, and like the Divisional Series, it's pretty clear that Major League Baseball and the programming folks at ESPN and Fox both have a severe (and possibly fatal) case of DH-itis.  Frankly, I'm surprised that they haven't already slated reruns of "That 70's Show" in the place of baseball since their beloved Red Sox were swept by the White Sox.  Of course I shouldn't joke—the Yankees need to rally to make the ALCS too.


Now I've never been a fan of the "East Coast" bias arguments because it's hard to pin down exactly what that means—I've heard it blamed for everything from the DH to why there's no cold beer in the fridge.  But in this case it's pretty clearly demonstrable that watching good baseball is not as important as watching the Red Sox and the Yankees.  What's worse is that NL teams have been penalized with funky day-after-night scheduling so that the all-mighty AL teams can have their beauty rest between broadcast dates—who wants to see Derek Jeter or Johnny Damon with puffy eyes?


Of course, the way things are going you'll have to look somewhere else than a baseball field to see either of them after the Divisional Series anyway.  But the point remains—apparently earning the best record in the game doesn't give you any advantage that the "powers that be" aren't willing to just hand you for being in pinstripes or an "Idiot."  Hopefully more people will start calling MLB on this nonsense and nip it in the bud.


That being said, congratulations to the Cardinals for owning the Padres.  What's more, it was nice to see the guys reserved—as if they realized that there were seven more games to win before they could really feel like they got the job done.  And, lest I forget, a special thanks goes out to Reggie Sanders for being a total freak in the NLDS (and making my NLDS prediction sound good) and exorcising his own post-season demons in the process.  As Tony La Russa is quick to point out: there's a lot of baseball left, but as good as the '04 Cards were, the '05 Cardinals are a team on a mission and it's hard not to feel good about the team.  Bring on the NLCS!


Go Cards!


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