...and so it goes...

From the World According to Joe Mammy

Well guys, it's been real and it's been fun, but at the moment it ain't been real fun.


Congrats to the Astros for their great run, good luck against Chicago.


Thanks to Walt, Tony, Dunc and all the guys in the front office and on the bench that made us believers again.


Thanks to the starting nine (and that includes you, Abe Nunez) and the amazing guys on the bench for playing hard for nine innings for 172 games for us.


Thanks to the starters and the guys in the bullpen for going out there every fifth day or whenever they needed you.


I'm not ready to thank the umps yet.  Maybe later.


And finally, to everyone who's come by to say "hi" throughout the season.  I've taken my knocks and my high fives (note to self: making fun of Ankiel is dangerous) but it's been a blast.  I'll continue to hang around in the offseason, but there's only so much to say when no one's playing.


I'm going to bed.



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