Post of the Week – November 5 - November 11

Our newest feature recognizes the best post of the week from our message board.

With the hot stove league in full gear and the general managers huddling with free agents, it was another busy week on our popular Message Board. This week's "Post of the Week" was an easy selection from a content perspective, as it really stood out.

Our fourth weekly contest winner joined the community just a few weeks ago, but is a regular, prolific and highly respected poster on a number of Cardinals-themed message boards and forums.

Member "BW23" takes the prize for the period November 5 through 11 for his post in the thread entitled "Another look at 2006 (very long)", started on the ninth.

While the post is very long, BW23 started with the Cardinals payroll and went on to suggest a number of trades and signings to maximize results yet remain within budget. Reader "killerbeeg" had this to say; "excellent post, and well thought out…" and "tenniseleven" agreed. "love the post...looks like a lot of hard work, gotta respect that..."

link to the winning post

Congratulations, BW23, and I hope you continue your excellent posts in the future. In recognition, BW23 wins a free one-month subscription to and all the other great sites in the network.

Next week? It can be you! Keep those new posts coming!

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