BA's Jim Callis on the Cardinals' 2005 Draft

Baseball America's Executive Editor talks with Brian Walton about the Cardinals' June draft and the outlook for the future.

Everybody knows Baseball America. And why shouldn't they? BA is recognized as the most important and influential source of information on minor league baseball. The respect is well-earned, with a number of features eagerly awaited by baseball fans the world over, ranging from Top Ten Prospect Lists from their bible, the yearly "Prospect Handbook", regular Q&A and chat sessions and so much more.

In fact, BA's wide influence is illustrated at times when least expected. In one spot in their 2005 list of Top Ten Prospects, the first name of one of the Cardinals' players was inadvertently misspelled. When another very well-known minor league expert (not affiliated with BA) subsequently posted his Cards' top prospects list, BA's misspelling followed - as if by magic.

I've read a number of message board posts over time from readers who complain about BA's ratings of Cardinals prospects. But, the fact remains, few of us have the chance to see as many games as the BA staff do or have their skill level in scouting players. And I can speak from personal experience when I say it is exponentially easier to develop a prospect list for one team than to manage thirty of them and be able to rationally sort them into one.

Jim Callis is one of the pillars of Baseball America. While his title is officially "Senior Editor", Callis' fingerprints are all over BA. That is no exception when it comes to the Cardinals, as he penned BA's recent review of the Cards' 2005 draft.

I spoke with Jim this past week about that draft, which is the content of the following two-part audio. On Monday, I will post our discussion about the Cardinals' system overall. Don't miss either installment, offered exclusively for our subscribers!

(Note: Audio interview segments are each over six minutes in length.)

Part A:

Part B:

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