Complete Cards Protected & Unprotected lists

Detailed tables to accompany the article "Rule 5 - Protected and Unprotected".

Note that these reserve lists may not be in sync with the actual team rosters, but they are accurate in the context for which they were prepared.


Rule 5 Selectable


Memphis – All are Rule 5 selectable

Adamczyk, Tyler F

Blair, Tom C

Cavazos, Andy

Dove, Dennis A

Doyne, Cory C

Garcia, Jose I

Garza, Justin

Hawksworth, Blake

Kinney, Josh T

Leek, Randy M

Michael, Mark L

Ool, Kevin W

Pals, Jordan L

Scalamandre, Rich

Johnson, Gabe N

Motte, Jason L

Parker, Tyler K

Dryer, Matthew R

Estrada, Kevin

Jaramillo, Milko

Laya, Rayner J

Lucena, Juan L

Nelson, John C

Boyd, Shaun B

Evans, Terry T

Martin, Brian

Mather, Joe T

Sivira, Yonathan

Rundles, Richard L

Webb, John

Redman, Prentice M


Springfield –Rule 5 selectable

Batista, Roberto

Benes, Alan P

McClellan, Kyle

Moreno, Victor

Paz, Jackson E

Rawson, Anthony P

Russ, Chris P

Weagle, Matt M

Cordell, Brent J

Moylan, Dan J

Pagnozzi, Matt T

Wyman, Spencer

Hummel, Tim R

McCoy, Mike H

Santor, John A

Schutzenhofer, Andy L

De La Cruz, Carlos M

Lemanczyk, Matt J

Walton, Samuel B

Reedy, Shane E

Stokes, Shaun G


Palm Beach – Rule 5 selectable

Frome, Jason R


Quad Cities – Rule 5 selectable

Palmer, Cody S


Not Rule 5 Selectable


Springfield – Not Rule 5 selectable

Lambert, Chris R

Pomeranz, Stuart M

Haerther, Cody L


Palm Beach – Not Rule 5 selectable

Haberer, Eric M

Parisi, Michael R

Worrell, Mark R

Toops, Brady A

Greene, Tyler T

Hoffpauir, Jarrett


Quad Cities, New Jersey, DSL Cardinals – Not Rule 5 selectable

Entire rosters


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