Giles Turns Down Latest Offer

Cardinal Fans remain hopeful that St. Louis may still be able to sign free agent outfielder Brian Giles. Yesterday, the Padres rejected a three-year proposal that the right fielder's agent said was "significantly less" than what Giles can get from at least one other club.

"We're going to go forward with the assumption that the Padres and Brian are not able to make a deal," agent Joe Bick said. "We've been holding off moving in a different direction in hopes of getting something done with the Padres, but there's no reason to believe that's going to happen."

Bick wouldn't discuss the worth of the deal, which is believed to be close to $30 million.

Padres CEO Sandy Alderson said the team remains interested in signing Brian Giles but won't lose sight of what it believes the right fielder is worth regardless of offers from other clubs.

Cardinals General Manager, Walt Jocketty will be taking the same position as Alderson in San Diego. The Cardinals are not likely to get caught up in any bidding war for Giles and to expect St. Louis to pay $10 million plus, per season for three seasons, for the 35 year old Giles, seems very unlikely.

Jocketty has said more than once, (to my surprise), the Cardinals top priority was to sign starting pitching and it appeared that any deals for Giles and others, were put on the back burner this week.

The Yankees are considered the team with deep enough pockets to meet the demands of Giles and his agent. The Yankees lost out on a player they coveted yesterday with the Phillies agreeing to swap slugger Jim Thome to the White Sox for center fielder Aaron Rowand which means the Cardinals would still have to beat out New York to get Giles signed.

In a report here at, by our own Brian Walton, on November 17, Walton reported, "In fact, my sources tell me that as of Wednesday, they hadn't even yet put an offer on the table, but talks are clearly heating up. Newsday believes the Yankees will go three years, $33 million."

What is interesting to me is, that it has been reported in a variety of media outlets that Brian Giles has not returned the numerous phone calls from New York Yankee Manager Joe Torre and former Yankee outfielder and Paul O'Neill.

There were a couple of reports that Giles tried to call Torre back and that the two were playing phone tag. Hmmm - you would think, for all the money that these guys are making, that they could at least afford call waiting, the kid that mows my lawn has call waiting.

For the record, if the Yankees want to offer me $33 million dollars for three years, my phone number is 618-889-0588, I have call waiting, (still trying to figure out how it works) I'll always give you a 110% and would even report to spring training camp (may be a little out of shape) early.

In spite of the phone tag reports, Towers has said he believes the New York Yankees are sincerely interested in Giles, even though they haven't made an offer, according to persons close to the club.

Brian Cashman the General Manager of the New York Yankees did talk with Giles' agent on Tuesday this week, but the Yankees don't appear any closer to signing Giles than they were two weeks ago. And you have to wonder how bad Giles wants to go to New York, even for $30 plus million?

Early on at the start of the Hot Stove League the St. Louis Cardinals appear to be the front runners in the pursuit of free agent, Brian Giles. Giles has made 646 career starts in left field, 402 in right field and 300 in center. His ability to play center field makes him a very valuable addition to the St. Louis roster. It would give the Cardinals additional flexibility to deal with the injuries that come during the long haul of a season.

Giles has indicated in the past his desire to stay in San Diego and one would have to think, if everything was equal in terms of contract offers, he would choose to stay in California.

The Cardinals have had their eyes on St. Louis for some time now. St. Louis considered a trade for Giles before the trade deadline this season to help the Cardinals close out the season and add some punch to the lineup in the postseason.

It's no secret that Giles has long been a favorite of Cardinals GM, Walt Jocketty and the need for a left-handed hitting outfielder to take the place of retiring Larry Walker in right would seem to make Giles the best option in a shallow free agent pool.

The Cardinals are now not likely to match the third offer made by the Padres this week that Giles turned down for around $30 million. St. Louis may have to look at other options to find someone to play in right field next season.

As for the Yankees, Joe Torre can still call me, I played deep deep deep, right field in little league and would be willing to come out of retirement for even less than $33 million.

But Cardinal fans can hold on to some hope for the signing of Giles yet. With Walt Jocketty at the helm of the St. Louis Cardinals, anything can happen.

The Cardinals are actually having a Garage Sale this weekend in St. Louis at the American Center, in downtown St. Louis, Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm. The Cardinals will be selling things like player lockers, player jerseys, infield Dirt! turnstiles, game-used bases & balls signs and pictures, Busch Stadium collectibles as low as $5 and loads of memorabilia.

Perhaps they can raise enough money at the Garage Sale to sign Brian Giles to a deal.

I'm not sure a garage sale is the answer, but Walt Jocketty may be. Jocketty's trades and acquisitions during his tenure with the Cardinals have been key to the team's success, reaching the World Series in 2004 and the postseason in 1996 and three consecutive seasons from 2000 to 2002 and another National League Central Division Championship last season.

In preparation for last season, he signed free agent David Eckstein and second baseman Mark Grudzielanek and traded for All Star pitcher Mark Mulder from the Oakland A's.

Walt is the guy that brought superstars, Mark McGwire, Scott Rolen, Jim Edmonds, Jason Isringhausen, and Larry Walker to St. Louis in deals and the guy who signed NL MVP Albert Pujols to a seven year deal.

So for as long as Giles hasn't accepted a deal somewhere else, and Walt Jocketty is still the General Manager of the Cardinals, there is still a chance Giles could come to St. Louis and that is good news for Cardinal fans.

I got to go now, my phone is ringing, it may be Joe Torre. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

"Hello Joe?"

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