Post of the Week – November 26 - December 2

Recognizing the very best post of the week from our fine message board community of Cardinals fans the world over.

This week's "Post of the Week" from our excellent message board began a long discussion on a very important subject to many fans – how to pick up the Cardinals on the radio given the shift from longtime carrier and 50,000 watt KMOX (1120 am) to the much less powerful KTRS (550 am).

Our seventh weekly contest winner joined this community way, way back in October, 2002, but has made his postings judiciously, with just 135 of them over the last three-plus years. Member "twentyfive4ever" takes the prize for the period November 26 through December 2 for the thread entitled "550 KTRS".

"254E" expressed valid concerns about how he would be able to listen to the Cardinals next season and others pitched in with additional information about affiliates and signal strength. The thread generated some lively replies, 29 to be exact, as well as over 900 views so far in less than four days this past week.

Join the discussion and weigh in yourself: link to the winning post

Congratulations, twentyfive4ever, and please increase the volume of your discussion-provoking posts in the future. More importantly, let's hope you'll be able to hear Mike Shannon and John Rooney call all 162 games plus 11 playoff wins in 2006.

In recognition for his thread, 254E wins a free four-week subscription to and all the other great sites in the network.

Next week? Yes, it can be you! Keep those new posts coming!

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