Own An Authentic Replica of the New Stadium

Cardinal Fans now have an exciting oppportunity to own an authentic replica of the new Busch Stadium.


The St. Louis Cardinals will open their 2006 season in a new, state-of-the -art stadium adorned by these custom stones. WISHSTONE's artist & stone carver, Gabe Drueke, created each of eleven unique designs then produced cast stone replicas for the stadium's façade. 
Gabe Drueke is WISHSTONE's exclusive artist & stone carver. Gabe produces original hand-carved designs into stone then replicates each item into cast stone or finished resin. These products are marketed by WISHSTONE to residential & commercial construction as well as specialty retail outlets.
"One of the unique things about Gabe is he's an artist first off and then he moved into stone carving," says brother and Co-owner Steve Drueke. "He started playing around and making molds of some of his artwork, and once he did that a light bulb really went off for us."

Combining Gabe's works of masonry art with Steve's tenacious marketing skills, WISHSTONE took the prize of being the exclusive source for the stadium's decorative stone medallions.
"I don't think anyone really took the initiative," explains Steve. "It was a small design aspect of the stadium that Gabe and I caught on some preliminary elevation drawings. We noticed there were blocked-out spaces on the Cardinal stadium. Gabe called me immediately and said that he wanted to be involved."
Gabe & WISHSTONE set themselves apart from their competition by offering cost effective replicas of original hand-carved works of art. WISHSTONE's work includes decorative installations for clients such as the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Suwanee Public Library and the St. Louis Cardinals as well as many other residential and public commissions.
WISHSTONE was awarded the contract for providing decorative, hand-carved stone medallions adorning the new $400-million Cardinals ballpark in St. Louis. WISHSTONE's artist and stone carver Gabe Drueke actually hand carved 14 original designs into Indiana Limestone. Once the originals were completed, molds were made and approximately 85+ cast stone replicas are being used for accenting the exterior brick work of the stadium.
Officially licensed and endorsed by Major League Baseball, WISHSTONE is now manufacturing collectors-edition resin Cardinal plaques as part of a series of 13 replicas pulled from the same mold as the 85+ cast-stone medallions adorning the new Busch Stadium. The original medallions can be seen gracing the entrances, towers, and field level walls behind home plate.
Now Cardinal fans can have the same medallions gracing their homes and offices.
With prices ranging from as little as $45.00 for a baseball or STL logo, to $150.00 for a "Bird on a Bat". There is something in everyone's price range, to have and enjoy, as a part of their personal St. Louis Cardinals memorabilia collection.
In eight years of running the Birdhouse, "the Home of the St. Louis Cardinals fans", I have only endorsed or given my seal of approval to two products or companies and WISHSTONE at http://www.BirdOnBat.com is one of them. Check them out today, order yours online, and tell them Ray Mileur and the Birdhouse sent you, I'd appreciate it.

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