25 Hopes and Dreams for the 2006 Cardinals

With the hot stove season coming to a close and pitchers and catchers reporting in less than two weeks, it is time to dream about what could be.

This coming season, I hope and dream that…


  • Tony La Russa and Dave Duncan both have reason to smile widely and often… and that they actually do it.

  • Scott Rolen's shoulders are strong and sturdy. If so, the rest will take care of itself.

  • Chris Carpenter fully earns the respect he deserves by spinning another Cy Young Award-class season on the mound.

  • the business of baseball doesn't keep Jim Edmonds from eventually retiring as a Cardinal.

  • Rick Ankiel finds some way to finally exorcize his personal demons, whether in St. Louis or elsewhere.

  • another feel-good story like John Rodriguez in 2005 happens this season.

  • all the newcomers on the 2006 team become as beloved as the players they replaced.

  • Head Trainer Barry Weinberg and Team Physician Dr. Rick Wright have a very quiet and boring summer and fall.

  • Assistant General Manager John Mozeliak gets his own starring role – hopefully in the American League.

  • the new radio broadcast team of John Rooney and Mike Shannon mesh so well that fans are motivated to turn off their television sound just because they are that good.

  • every Cardinals fan who could previously receive KMOX through the air free and clear will be able to find an over-the-air replacement in 2006.

  • the teams of the Cardinals minor league system all post winning records, providing summer excitement to fans from Florida to Pennsylvania to Missouri.

  • the newest crop of young Redbird farmhands continue their progression toward the majors.

  • the 2006 Amateur Draft proves to be as positive as the 2005 edition was for the Cardinals.

  • the Cardinals' Latin American program increases the flow in its pipeline of players into the USA.

  • the Houston Astros age gracefully, but show their age, nonetheless.

  • the Milwaukee Brewers also show their age by not improving too much too quickly.

  • Dusty Baker and the Chicago Cubs just keep on being themselves.

  • the "Lords" of Major League Baseball stop counting their money long enough to negotiate a new labor agreement with the Players Association before the current one expires in December and a long and ugly strike ensues in 2007.

  • MLB realigns into two 15-team leagues, eliminates the designated hitter, lessens the Wild Card advantage, addresses their umpiring problem and moves the World Baseball Classic into the fall, when all Classics should be held.

and finally…


  • the new Busch Stadium realizes its promise for everyone – fans, players and yes, even ownership.

  • when all the smoke clears, the Cardinals finally hoist their tenth World Championship trophy into the crisp, October air.

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