Busch "Firsts" Contest - Final Day

Seven chances to win a prize by predicting a series of firsts in the new Busch Stadium.

With only a few days remaining until the Cardinals' home opener on Monday, April 10 against the Milwaukee Brewers, our "Busch Firsts" contest is nearing its close.


To win, all you have to do is correctly guess which major league player (Cardinal or opponent) will record the following regular-season "firsts" at the new Busch Stadium and when (date and inning):


  • First base hit
  • First run scored
  • First home run
  • First stolen base
  • First double play (team)
  • First strikeout (pitcher)
  • First win (pitcher)


Just post your predictions in the special thread on our Message Board anytime between now and April 1. We'll lock down the thread at that time. Then, each of the seven winners will become known starting on April 10 and shortly thereafter.


The date and inning closest to the actual occurrence will be used as the tiebreaker when there are multiple correct entries. Incomplete or multiple entries will be disqualified, but you don't have to predict all seven categories. Entries can be modified until April 1. No email entries will be accepted. A random drawing will be held to break any ties. Our selection of the winners will be final.


Each of the seven winners will receive a beautiful Busch Stadium Replica Bird on Bat medallion from Wishstone, item LB-12. It may take up to four weeks following the completion of the contest for prizes to ship.


Plus, if any entrant wins two or more categories, in addition to one medallion, they will be awarded one free year of premium access to www.thestlcardinals.com and all the sites on the Scout.com network.


Put on your thinking caps and submit your entries here. Good luck to all!

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