Post of the Week – February 5 – February 11

Recognizing the very best post of the week from our message board community of thousands of Cardinals fans the world over.

As always, the selection of this week's "Post of the Week" from the hundreds on our fine message board was a long and challenging process. Some of the best recent posts included the following:

- The thread "World Series Hopefuls", still very active, includes two particularly interesting posts. A recent winner, C2kSix, offered an insightful view into possible playoff teams while tenniseleven drilled down into the three top playoff contenders in each league.

- Another discussion of the type that typically arises during the long winter months, "Who was the best player ever?", spawned a couple of noteworthy posts. They include a new member of the board, ScipioSpinks, who looked back in history at stats and how to equate them to today plus archsupport, who posed the thought-provoking question of whether to judge players by numbers or talent.

- Regular Frank22 continued to offer solid commentary on a number of subjects, including in the thread called "Jairo Martinez". There, he dissects Baseball America's process of creating top player ranking lists, especially the challenge of equating players at different experience levels.

Speaking of BA, they were also the spark that set off another highly-active thread last week, "BA Farm System Rankings", on which there have been 36 posts and almost 1300 views. Frank22 discussed the challenge in scouting for the draft. Another new poster on this board, GeneralZodBOTB, made some great additions to a thread that morphed into a selection of the best group of players that came from the Cardinals' farm system.

This week's winner, Bokonon2, also joined in the above thread, following the General with a review of the top players taken in the 2004 draft. Due to two excellent posts that made our "best of" list this past week, Bokonon2 is our winner.

Bokonon2 offered some incredible insight to the "Big Mac questions" thread. Bokonon2 discussed the broader question of steroids and strength across sports, not just baseball. As a result of his contributions, Bokonon2 receives the recognition as the Poster of the Week for Week 17, February 5 through February 11.

Bokonon2 joined the Message Board way back in October, 2002 and since then has offered over 600 posts. Thank you for joining our community, Bokanon2, and please keep making these fine observations. And, congratulations to all of last week's honorable mention posters.

In recognition, Bokonon2 wins a free four-week subscription to and all the other great sites in the network.

Next week, it can be you! So, keep posting!

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