The Springfield Cardinals Report 03/08

Don't forget to vote!

For those who just can't wait for the 2008 presidential elections, here is a much more important item being voted upon even as the ink is drying upon this page.

The fans of the Springfield Cardinals are being asked to vote on their choice for this year's bobble-head doll. The choices are: Bob (needs no introduction) Gibson, Louie (the mascot),

As it stands today, with over 9,000 votes being cast, Lambert leads the pack with 3,796 votes in his back pocket. Gibson comes in a close second with 2,814 tallies and Louie the Mascot has 1,143 dingers.

Manager Mahoney brings up the rear with 431 votes (what? he's not good looking enough to have his likeness immortalized on a bobble-head?),and my choice for the 2006 bobble-head doll, Juan Diaz, is just ahead of Mahoney with 876 votes.

Why you say would I choose Diaz over Gibson or Louie the Mascot (my wife's choice by the way)? Because, neither Gibby nor Louie or any of the others have ever caused my heart to skip a beat (maybe it was several) the way Diaz did last year.

True, he was a bit slower at first base than say--Pujols And he didn't hit a home-run every time he came to the plate like Barry Bonds sometimes seems to swear he could have if he had wanted to. But, he is the only one in the mix who ever smashed a foul ball back against the press box window so hard that it left an impression in the glass.

Right there, inches from my nose, is a perfect impression of a hide-covered hardball complete with stitching. As the Diaz-walloped ball came rocketing toward my face, and before it glanced off the window, my life passed quickly before my eyes and made me realize that my grandmother was absolutely right when she said--"never, ever doubt that someone bigger than yourself is watching over you--and get your feet off the couch."

As my life flashed by in front of me, going from seriously staining my diapers to nearly ruining my press box chair, I realized that I had three individuals to thank for my "not" getting whacked on the noggin. First was the "bigger-than-me" person or whatever that my grandmother said would be watching over me. The second was the guy who made that particular piece of glass. Job well done my friend. The glass held like steel and bounced that ball clean over Hammons Field and onto Hammons Parkway headed south for Branson. But the third, and probably most important person of this trilogy of godsends was score keeper, Brittany Bremer.

If she hadn't worn those cute, light-weight sandals that night, and if she hadn't asked that the window be closed because she was a "bit chilly" and if she hadn't gasped at just the right moment to give me enough warning to be able to dive under the desk had I needed to--well who knows how many lumps I might have had to deal with that night.

As it turned out, I only suffered a small quickening of my heart-rate and Juan Diaz wound up striking out. But what a hit that second strike had been. The impression remained with us in the press box the remainder of the season and will be the second thing I look for when I return this season--right after I make sure where Brittany's replacement will be sitting. You see, Brittany has moved on to bigger and better things within the Cardinal organization. She is now the Media Relations Assistant to the Public Relations Manager, Mike Lindskog, who is also the voice of the Springfield Cardinals on Jock 98.7 FM.

I wish Brittany the best of luck and have no doubt that she will prove to be another MVP for the Springfield Cardinals. Who knows, maybe next year's voting for the bobble-head doll will include a woman. And the best part is, that Brittany is only one of an entire league of amazingly talented women within the Sprngfield Cardinals organization--any of which could easily get my vote.

Oh, and concerning this year's bobble-head--voting ends on Friday,March 10 and the winning bobble-head (courtesy of Hardees) will be given away to 2500 lucky fans on July 23. Fans can vote by visiting the Springfield Cardinal website at Cards!

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