Reyes Among Four Cuts Announced Wednesday

Tony La Russa explains the current state of his team on Wednesday morning, including four cuts - pitchers Tyler Johnson, Carmen Cali and Anthony Reyes plus catcher Michel Hernandez.

Audio interview here in two parts:

For those who want the Cliffs Notes version, rather than listen to a twenty-minute discussion…

Four cuts: Pitchers Tyler Johnson, Carmen Cali and Anthony Reyes plus catcher Michel Hernandez.

Reyes to be working every four days (implication is he'll be starting in Memphis).

Ponson is #5 starter, will take the mound in the sixth game of the regular season. (Chicago, Saturday April 8)

Position cuts late this week or early next. Only 20 position players in camp, of which Bigbie and Ankiel are not playing, so no rush. No word on Bigbie's readiness.

Edmonds has elbow soreness and is getting checked out today. Addendum: Later I watched him take BP and he looked ok to me. It must be a throwing thing.

Taguchi also has a sore elbow, but similar to every spring. He can play.

Pujols playing today.

Juan Mateo not going to make team. Implied, not said is that they are seeing if they can work a deal with the Cubs to keep him in the minors.

Bullpen will be five righties and two lefties.

Four relievers remaining fighting for last two spots (but my count is five, including Nelson, Falkenborg, Wainwright, Benes and Hancock). No one was sure what to make of that.

Wainwright would not be a long reliever. There are no long reliever roles in NL. If he would be one of five righthanders, he will get work.

Miles playing in Memphis game today. Could make the team even if can only hit from one side, since that is from the left.

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