Cards Minor League "Working Rosters"

An early look to where Cardinals' minor leaguers might be assigned later the spring. Or, at least where they are playing currently...

Even though the first minor league games of the spring are only a week old, players need to be assigned to one team or another from the very start of play. To that end, all these guys were placed on working rosters in preparation for spring action.

Yesterday, several readers commented that my listing of complete spring training statistics is valuable, but lacked one important piece of information – the rosters at each level. So, here they are.

But, realize these are planning rosters and as such, can and will change between now and the end of the month. Cascading minors' players may occur as the big club makes each round of cuts. Players are told where they are rostered immediately, but also told they could move at a moment's notice later.

Here are the pitching rosters:

Memphis Springfield Palm Beach Quad Cities 
Carlos Artiles Roberto Batista Tyler Adamczyk James Borne
Andy Cavazos Buddy Blair Phillip Anderson Ryan Campbell
Cory Doyne Mitchell Boggs Justin Brown Ryan Dixon
Luther Hackman Dennis Dove Jason Cairns Kevin Fitzgerald
Talley Haines Jose Garcia Adam Daniels Shaun Garceau
Josh Kinney Justin Garza Gary Hogan Jaime Garcia
Randy Leek Eric Haberer Mark McCormick Trey Hearne
Chris Narveson Blake Hawksworth Cory Meacham Tyler Herron
Jordan Pals Chris Lambert Jon Mikrut Ashley Hooks
Franklin Perez Mark Michael Victor Moreno Matt Lane
Anthony Rawson Kevin Ool Chris Noonan Tyler Leach
Rich Rundles Mike Parisi Quinton Robertson Mike Meagher
Matt Smith Stuart Pomeranz Matt Scherer John Powell
Dennis Tankersley Chris Russ Mike Sillman Mike Repole
Sam Walton Rich Scalamandre Billy Simon Kyle Sadlowski
Mark Worrell Jaymie Torres Matt Trent Mike Schellinger
  Nick Webber Scott Vander Weg Josh Schwartz
  Jeremy Zick Dan Stevens
    Zach Zuercher Josh Wilson

And the hitting rosters:

Memphis Springfield Palm Beach Quad Cities 1 Quad Cities 2
Brian Esposito Jason Motte Brady Toops Bryan Anderson D. Costanzo
Iker Franco Matt Pagnozzi Spencer Wyman Craig Newton Steve Gonzalez
Dan Moylan B. Yarbrough Henry Guerrero
First Base  
Juan Diaz Matt Dryer Mike Ferris John Skorupski Geoff Desmond
J. Hoorelbecke A. Schutzenhofer Adam Rodgers A.J. Van Slyke Jesus Perez
Dave Berg Vince Harrison Ryan Dorsey Jose Delgado Brandon Garner
Kevin Estrada Jarrett Hoffpauir Tyler Greene Dan Nelson Christian Lopez
Milko Jaramillo Rayner Laya Calvin Hayes Casey Rowlett Jose Martinez
John Nelson Mike McCoy Juan Lucena Donovan Solano Adam Morris
R. Washington Chris Patrick Randy Roth  
  Juan Richardson Matt Shepherd  
Shaun Boyd Terry Evans Sean Danielson Charles Carter Daryl Jones
Cody Haerther Reid Gorecki Rodney Medina C. De La Cruz Malcolm Owens
Brian Martin Matt Lemanczyk W. Swackhamer Yonathan Sivira Wil Pujols
Prentice Redman Joe Mather Simon Williams Matt Wilkerson Colby Rasmus
  Tyler Parker  
  Nick Stavinoha      

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