PRO IMAGE Baseball Bonanza - this Saturday

PRO IMAGE, your source for all your College and Pro Sports, Hats, T-Shirts & Memorabilia presents, it's Baseball Bonanza, Saturday, March 25th, at the University Mall, in Carbondale, IL. Featuring; Gabe Drueke, Artist & Stonecarver, for the NEW Busch Stadium, Brendan Roberts, Senior Editor, Fantasy Sports Expert & Ray Mileur, Spring Training Reporter, FSN Midwest.

PRO IMAGE, of Carbondale, Illinois invites you to come see us at our new location, in the University Mall - next to Garfields. This weekend it's the BIG BASEBALL BONANZA with lots of prizes and giveaways.


Brendan Roberts, Senior Editor & Fantasy Sports Expert for Sporting News, will be hosting a Fantasy Baseball Seminar from 10:30 - 2.

Don't miss this most informative seminar with one of the nation's leading fantasy baseball experts.

ABOUT BRENDAN ROBERTS: From playing sports, watching it and covering it, I believe in one basic principle: The why of sports is much more important and interesting than the what.

This is why I work in sports. So I can learn more about the game and share what I've learned. To me, there's nothing better than diving into the game itself. Now I have a way to channel my inner baseball and football thoughts - fantasy sports. Since playing fantasy sports is more about future predictions than past results, there are a lot of "whys" that need answered. And being successful in fantasy sports takes more than knowledge of the game and its players. There's also a strategy to playing fantasy sports as well. Some of the most knowledgeable sports people I've met were the worst fantasy sports players.

Which is why I'm here. I was one of the first hires for the fantasy website ( in 2000 and have been writing for the site since. I've played fantasy sports about 15 years and have learned a lot about it during that time, both in strategy and the players themselves. Ask me about any baseball or football player, and I can get you a stat prediction with reasoning within 30 seconds.

You can read more from my Fantasy Source workmates at, which has hundreds of daily updates, depth charts, rankings, columns and more.

Gabe Drueke, Artist and Stonecarver for the NEW Busch Stadium, will be on hand from 11:00 - 2, signing (Licensed) MLB Replica Medallions, just like the ones he designed for the new stadium.

It's your chance to own an authentic piece of the new stadium. This collection-edition, resin Cardinal plaque is part of a series of 13 replicas pulled from the same mold as the 95 cast-stone medallions adorning the new stadium.

ABOUT GABE DRUEKE: Gabe Drueke is a 1999 graduate of the University of Illinois with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. Gabe's education exposed him to many artistic methods and techniques which ultimately lead to stone carving. Among one of the most talented and upcoming artists of his generation, Gabe's artistic ability, education and carving skills put him in a class all his own.

Visit for the story behind these magnificent pieces and the local Cardinal fans who created them.

Ray Mileur Spring Training Reporter, for FSN Midwest and founder and publisher of the Birdhouse website at, in association with on MSN, will be meeting and greeting fans and answering their questions, from 11:00 - 2.

Mr. Mileur will be passing out the new FSN baseball cards featuring Cy Young Award Winner, Chris Carpenter, fan favorite Larry Walker and a special Busch Stadium baseball card & bubble gum for the kids.

In addition, Ray Mileur will be giving Cardinal fans their own, Busch Stadium 2006 Opening Day Poster, just like the ones that will be handed out on April 10, 2006 at the opening day of the New Busch Stadium.

ABOUT RAY MILEUR: Ray Mileur has been covering the St. Louis Cardinals since 1998, when he launched the Birdhouse web-site and a weekly e-newsletter.

In addition to the Birdhouse, Ray is a past Senior Writer for e-Sports. His articles and columns have been featured at;, FSN Mid-West, FSNMW Daily Wire, MLB.Com, Yahoo Sports, Historic Baseball, All Sports,, Love of the Game Productions, Our Sports Central, and numerous newspapers and magazines.

This season, Ray covered spring training for Fox Sports Net - Midwest, appearing on the nightly Midwest Sports Report. Ray is a regular guest on numerous sports talk radio shows.

Take the kids out, lots of great deals and specials including discounts throughout the mall.

It's spring time, it's time for baseball. Don't miss the big Baseball Bonanza at the University Mall in Carbondale, Illinois, this Saturday.

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