Exclusive Interview – Cards Fan Bruce Hornsby

The triple Grammy-winning entertainer discusses how he became a Cardinals and Tony La Russa fan.

Walking down a hallway in the Cardinals spring training clubhouse in Jupiter, Florida, I spied musician and Cardinals fan Bruce Hornsby heading toward me. I couldn't believe it, as I had been trying to arrange an interview with him for two years, only to fail getting past his protective publicist.

However, this time everything came together. Once Hornsby heard of my past difficulties, he agreed to an interview on the spot, which we conducted in Traveling Secretary C.J. Cherre's office.

Our chat lasted less than five minutes until Tony La Russa stuck his head in. At that point, I wisely decided it was time to let Bruce go.

Hornsby is a three-time Grammy Award winner who has sold more than 10 million records since his multi-platinum debut in 1986. His music draws from a wide array of influences--among them jazz, pop, classical, bluegrass and rock.


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