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Recognizing the very best post of the week from our message board community of thousands of Cardinals fans the world over.

Continuing the ongoing trend, there were again a variety of serious contenders for this week's "Post of the Week" from our fine message board.

A thread called "So…who's starting in LF" led to a long discussion that has elicited over 40 responses and 1100 views – a very popular topic to say the least. One post that stood out was written by a regular contributor, jmodene1, visible on page one. He recaps the history of trades between St. Louis and the Montreal/Washington franchise here: "So…who's starting in LF".

rbdrdbrd is another regular poster. Among his offerings this week was an interesting view of the most important players on any team's roster in the thread "izzy's replacement".

"Malcontents", a thread inspired by one of my columns, led to 57 posts so far and almost 1200 views. On page three, SydneyDave, shared an analysis of the ages of the various players on the Cardinals roster, showing that youth is served on the 2006 team. "Malcontents"

A two-time winner, Frank22, extended a very interesting discussion about Houston Astro Jeff Bagwell. On the second page, Frank22 lists Bagwell's career earnings and observes it totaled over $100 million here "Classy Bagwell likely done".

In response to a Ray Mileur article, reader OkieCardinal prepared a very organized case as to why St. Louis could not support a second major league franchise again here "Bring Back the Browns" article from the Birdhouse.

I am pleased to announce that RatsBuddy is our weekly winner for March 26 through April 1 for a trip down memory lane as he shared how Cardinals baseball has been a constant in his family over the years "Cardinal Baseball - More On What It Means".

Thank you for your many contributions to our community, RatsBuddy, and please keep making these fine observations. And, congratulations to last week's honorable mention posters.

In recognition, RatsBuddy wins a free four-week subscription to and all the other great sites in the network.

Next week, it can be you! So, keep posting!

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