A Fine Howdya Do

From the World According to Joe Mammy.

The new ballpark hasn't even been broken in yet, I'm still not sure who the backup catcher is and I've yet to endure one of those insufferable "Dirt Cheap" ads.  That said, I like what I've seen so far.


First game of the season Tony La Russa opts to pitch to Jimmy Rollins when Adam Wainwright gets behind 3-0.  "I wouldn't want the St. Louis Cardinals to walk him in his last at-bat. That's not what we represent," La Russa said about it.  Jimmy Rollins' streak ended in game three anyway, ended fair and square with an 0-4 day at the hands of Jason Marquis and the Cardinals' bullpen.


But the message was sent: this team has a sense of history and class—from pitching to Rollins to Scott Rolen's performance in the midst of incessant booing from Philadelphia fans.  And then there was Aaron Miles who many (myself included) thought would be hanging out in Memphis most of this season.  Things can change, of course, but so far Miles seems to be turning into this year's Bo Hart or David Eckstein—and Cards' fans can't get enough of their plucky undersized overachievers.


There are still some questions marks: how will the de facto platooning in left field work out, will Juan Encarnacion be the player that management believes he can be, will Sidney Ponson make the most of his second chance and will these be the year that Pujols finally gets a good nickname—"Phat Albert" "the Machine" or "the Pooh" just haven't done it for me.  Honestly the best nickname for Albert that I've heard so far was from Larry Walker when he first came over from the Rockies and referred to Albert as "the Freak."


In either case, the season is officially upon us.  Now we get to look forward to 159 regular season games (160 if you actually enjoy the All-Star game…) and I'm sure I'll be up in arms a few times before it's all said and done but at the moment I'm just to be able to sit and enjoy baseball.  It's a new era for Cardinals' baseball with the new stadium and another team poised to make a post-season run.  So let me give a shout out to all the faithful in Cardinal Nation and say I'm looking forward to watching the team, ranting, raving and cheering alongside you this season.  Go Cards!


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