The Springfield Cardinals Report - May 17

Beat Reporter John Brayfield brings you the latest news from the Cardinals Double-A affiliate, the Springfield Cardinals.

Maybe it's the weather, maybe it's the phase of the moon, or maybe it's just the harsh winds of Kansas blowing across the field at Lawrence Dumont Stadium in Wichita. Whatever the reason, the Springfield Cardinals have lost their last four games, all to the Wranglers, and it has not been a pretty sight.

It is nothing less than amazing that they are still in first place in the Texas League Northern Division and no less amazing that the team who has been whipping up on the Cards is in last place.  Until the Cardinals came to town, the Wranglers have been unable to come out on top more than a handful of times. Before leaving home, the Cardinals were on a roll, winning three in a row and coming out strong the first game of the home stand beating the Wranglers and looking as though they would sweep the five-game series. 


But then, the fielding became sloppy (Cody Haerther turning the wrong way on a catchable fly ball that bounced off the left field wall as he watched over his opposite shoulder) and the pitching became scary (Mark Worrell in relief with a 6-4 lead in the ninth gave up a home run and a double, walked back to back runners to load the bases and walked in the next two batters to log a 7-6 loss).


The only bright side of all of this is that the hitting has been well above par with Rico Washington, Juan Richardson and Reid Gorecki all doing their part to try and put Springfield on the winning side of the manually-operated scoreboard in Wichita--but to no avail.  Brian Martin and Gabe Johnson have also been hitting well.

So what is it? Maybe it is the moon or the wind, or maybe it is the curse of Kansas that haunts the Missouri-based team.  Who can forget what happened in 1985 when St. Louis played Kansas City (notice the prominent word "Kansas") in the World Series.  Who can forget how the Cardinals' lead-off man, Vince Coleman, was practically eaten alive by an automatic tarp-rolling machine.  And no one needs to be reminded of that not-so-questionable call at first base in "Kansas" City.

So, if it is a curse, if the Kansas winds do blow unfavorably on any team sporting a redbird on its uniform, then the trip to Little Rock should take care of all of that.  The Cardinals should come out strong and get right back on the winning track and leave Ray Winder Field with something better than a 1-4 record for the five-game series.

The moon is past being full and the wind doesn't blow tombstones over in Arkansas like it does in Kansas, so the curse, if there is one, should be behind them.  And like any good Cardinal fan (is there any other kind?) I will tune into tonight's game and pray for justice. 


I said it earlier and I will say it again--this is a team on a mission--a mission to win.  So watch out Arkansas, the Boys of Summer are coming to town and they are tired of losing.  And as the Southern Rock group Kansas says, the past is only "dust in the wind."

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