Open Letter to the Cardinals

A view of the current state of the St. Louis Cardinals affairs delivered straight from the World According to Joe Mammy, wherever that may be. This time, Joe bares the deepest feelings in his soul and comes clean to the 2006 Cardinals.

Okay, we get it.  We in Cardinal Nation have become a fickle bunch.  Nothing you do is ever good enough for us and even when you're winning you're not doing it the way we want you to.  We've been taking you for granted.  We treat you like you're the Pirates even after you've put together back to back 100+ win seasons.  We're sorry.


We don't mean to be rude.  We just have such high expectations because we're proud of you.  It's not like some places where they seem to like booing their team.  We don't.  We want to cheer and encourage you on to do great things both on and off the field.  Not because we think we deserve it but because we believe that you're capable of it.


We know we can pick on people from time to time whether it's Brad Thompson or Juan Encarnacion or Jason Isringhausen.  You should know that about us by now.  We loved Matt Morris and JD Drew, but they drove us nuts sometimes.  It's usually all in good fun and it's not meant to be personal, it's sometimes we lose sight of the fact that words can hurt.  We really didn't mean anything by it.


Basically what we're saying is that we know that we could have been better fans.  We really do appreciate you and all the great moments you gave us.  If there's anything we can do to make things better for you or show you that we really are truly, deeply sorry, let us know.  You know us, we're always there for you when it counts.  We're sorry if we didn't take your feelings into account, but we'll do better this time, we promise.


…So, if you've forgiven us, could you please, please start winning again?  We only want what's best for you, after all. 




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