TOP 11 - Fans Reactions to Deadline Moves

It's Game Time's Brad Lee's Top 11 List, this time he counts down the fans reactions to the Cardinals trade deadline moves.

11. We got Sosa? Is he still on the juice?

10. Ronnie Belliard is kind of shaped like Ponson. That can't be good.

9. I was hoping they would have traded Reyes and Wainwright for Cy Young and Babe Ruth.

8. We really could have used Maddox, Carlos Lee, Soriano, Craig Wilson and Cormier. This works too.

7. The hosts on KTRS said the team is fine and I shouldn't worry. Somehow, I don't feel better.

6. I was really drowsy watching SportsCenter last night. I kind of remember Bruce Sutter was still on the trade block Sunday.

5. I can't believe I just bought this Hector Luna jersey. Now it goes in the closet next to my Fernando Vina.

4. The Reds actually think they're still contenders. How quaint.

3. Maybe if we take up a collection outside the stadium they can trade for an outfielder.

2. Chris Duncan's Skoal dealer has to be happy he's still starting in left.

1. At least the Cardinals don't go back to Chicago until Aug. 18.

From the Empty Beer Cup of Brad Lee

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