Top 11 Excuses for Latest Losing Streak

Brad Lee counts down the Top 11 Reasons for the Cardinals' Latest Losing Streak

11. The Cardinals didn't trade Jeff Weaver.

10. Hitters spend time in on deck circle wondering batboy Josh's age.

9. The Cardinals didn't trade Jason Marquis.

8. La Russa obsessed with the condition of Barbaro.

7. Hector Luna apparently held this team together.

6. Walt Jocketty has been spending all his time making trades in his fantasy league.

5. Players want to make sure ticket holders in late September get their money's worth.

4. Team trying to end games early to watch latest episode of "Project Runway" (ask your girlfriend/ wife; she'll get it).

3. Assistant to the traveling secretary suggested cotton uniforms that shrunk after one washing.

2. Bats have gone soft after being left out too long in the heat.

1. Who can concentrate on baseball with all of the unrest in the Middle East?

From the Empty Beer Cup of Game Time's Brad Lee

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