Jeff Luhnow on Venezuela – Aug. 2006 – Part 2

Jeff Luhnow, the Cardinals' Vice President of Player Procurement, talks about the team's international plans, players like Jose Martinez (pictured here) and much more in the conclusion of this exclusive audio interview.

Jeff Luhnow sat down this week for an extensive discussion covering plans for the Cardinals' Venezuelan players this winter. We also talked about the team's plans for an increased take in other countries and its potential impact on the rest of their minor league system.

Jeff Luhnow

Today's first clip recaps the July signing of six Venezuelan teenagers and plans for the winter leagues in both Venezuela and the Dominican Republic.


Next, we discuss the pros and cons of the concept of an international draft as well as the Cardinals plans for establishing a presence in countries other than Venezuela and the Dominican Republic.


Finally, we close with a discussion of how a strong international pipeline could affect both the First Year Player Draft here in the USA as well as its impact on the lower levels of the Cardinals' minor league system.


Check back here later this month for a companion review of the Cardinals season in the Dominican Republic provided by one of the few who was there in person - the Cardinals' international leader, Jeff Luhnow.

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