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Recognizing the very best post of the week from our message board community of thousands of Cardinals fans the world over. The winner of this recognition receives a free four-week subscription to and all the other fine sites in the network.

As is the case every week, this article calls out the best of the best - the "Post of the Week" from our Cardinals message board, this time for the week ending Saturday, August 26.

Many weeks, the selection comes from a regular member of our community while other times, new posters join us from other Cardinals boards and other teams boards, offering up fresh ideas and perspective.

The latter is the case with this week's "Post of the Week". It is awarded to "JenniferMarie", a Cleveland Indians fan, who came to our board sharing valuable information about team payrolls in relation to such factors as winning and revenues. As you can imagine, this creates opportunity for many fact-based discussions based on the thread "Payroll and Winning" .

Another solid post last week came from regular "Bokonon2". Check the thread "Has it…", in which Bok made an interesting analysis of different award criteria, including Cy Young Award, Rookie of the Year and Most Valuable Player.

Finally, one of our tirelessly toiling moderators, "stlfan72", receives another honorable mention for his trip back in time to identify players who may not have had showy stats, but were often-overlooked contributors to their teams. See the thread "Underrated Offensive Players: A Historical Perspective".

In recognition of her fine posts, JenniferMarie wins a free four-week subscription to and all the other great sites in the network.

Next week, it can be you! So, keep posting!

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