Top 11 Signs Playoff Races Are Heating Up

The Top 11 Signs that the playoff races are heating up from Our Own Childhood Trauma

11. The Cardinals are playing the fish, buck-os and Nats.

10. Kerry Woods is transferred to the 60-Day DL.

9. The Pirates reach the 30 games under .500 mark.

8. Larry Bigbie is hitting off a batting tee.

7. There are now only 29 years left until Dewitt unveils his demands for Busch Stadium IV.

6. Sidney Ponson has been designated for assignment, again.

5. "Worse playoff collapses ever" searches on Google are up 368%. In Houston, they are up 3,546%.

4. St. Louis' struggling offense is the top Post sports story. But Scott Linehan isn't worried.

3. Pete Rose is getting his World Series bets down early and often.

2. Ozzie Guillen has insulted everyone up to the letter N - having worked from sports writer Mariotti through Cardinal pitcher Mulder in less than 3 weeks.

1. The Cardinals pick up Jose Vizcaino.

From Our Own Childhood Trauma



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