Triple Milestone Update – September 26

With less than a week to go in the 2006 regular season, Bill Gilbert re-visits MLB's players who have reached triple milestones and those who can still make it.

The ten players who were on target for triple milestones (.300-30-100) two weeks ago remain on track and they have been joined by three others, Carlos Lee (.301-37-114), Matt Holliday (.332-32-107) and Chase Utley (.309- 31-98).

If all 13 players hang on, it will be the most since 2001 when 21 players made it.

With one week to go, ten of the thirteen have triple milestones clinched.

American League

Vladimir Guerrero 	.325-31-113
Justin Morneau	        .323-33-126
Manny Ramirez	        .318-34-101
Jermaine Dye		.316-43-119
Paul Konerko		.315-35-113
Travis Hafner		.308-42-117

National League

Matt Holliday		.332-32-107
Albert Pujols		.329-46-129
Lance Berkman	        .318-43-130
Ryan Howard		.314-58-143

The other three need to produce in the final week.

Chase Utley		.309-31- 98	Needs a couple of RBIs.
Vernon Wells		.307-32-105	Needs to keep average up.
Carlos Lee		.301-37-114	Batting average is borderline.

One other is close.

Garrett Atkins		.321-27-114	Needs three homers.

Two others are long shots.

Miguel Cabrera	        .336-25-111	Needs 5 homers.
Jim Thome		.290-42-107	Short on batting average.
Aramis Ramirez	        .290-37-114	Short on batting average.

Johan Santana was on target for pitchers triple milestones (<3.00 ERA, 20 wins, 200 strikeouts), but had a bad outing last week and needs two wins in the final week to make it.

Johan Santana	        2.79-18-240

Bill Gilbert is a baseball analyst and writer and member of the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR).

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