Meet the Crew - Umpires for the World Series

Randy Marsh, working his fifth Fall Classic, to serve as umpiring Crew Chief for the 102nd World Series, starting Saturday night in Detroit. Other umps are Tim McClelland, John Hirschbeck, Mike Winters, Wally Bell and Alfonso Marquez.

Randy Marsh, who is in his 25th year as a Major League Umpire, will be the Crew Chief for the 102nd World Series and will call balls and strikes for Game One of the 2006 Fall Classic, it was announced Friday.

Marsh's crew will include Tim McClelland (24th year Major League Umpire), John Hirschbeck (23rd year), Mike Winters (17th year), Wally Bell (14th year) and Alfonso Marquez (7th year).

Marsh will be on the field for the World Series for the fifth time in his career (others: 1990, '97, '99, '03). Marsh also was Crew Chief for the 2003 Fall Classic. The Kentucky native has worked five Division Series and seven League Championship Series overall.

This marks McClelland's fourth World Series assignment; the second for Hirschbeck and Winters; and the first for Bell and Marquez. All six Umpires assigned to this year's World Series worked the 2006 Division Series, during which Marsh, McClelland and Hirschbeck served as Crew Chiefs.

Umpire rotation, 102nd World Series

Game One Umpire Previous postseason assignments
HP Randy Marsh (Chief) 5 DS ('98-99, '01, '03, '06); 7 LCS ('89, '92, '95, '00, '02, '04-05); 4 WS ('90, '97, '99, '03)
1B Alfonso Marquez 4 DS ('01-02, '05-06); 1 LCS ('03)
2B Wally Bell 5 DS ('98-99, '03-04, '06); 3 LCS ('00-01, '05)
3B Mike Winters 6 DS ('98-02, '06); 2 LCS ('97, '04); 1 WS ('02)
LF John Hirschbeck 7 DS ('95, '98-99, '01, '03, '05-06); 4 LCS ('90, '97, '00, '04); 1 WS ('95)
RF Tim McClelland 5 DS ('97, '00, '02, '04, '06); 7 LCS ('88, '95, '99, '01, '03, '05); 3 WS ('93, '00, '02)

Randy Marsh - #30

Major League Service Time: 24 Years
CAREER: Became a member of the Major League staff in 1982...has worked the All-Star Game (1985, 88, 96)...umpired the Opening Series 2000 in Tokyo, Japan between the Chicago Cubs and New York Mets...attended the Al Somers Umpire School (1968)...was part of first joint committee on training and helped to collaborate the first-ever Major League umpire manual...previously worked in the Appalachian League (1968), Florida State League (1970-71), Eastern League (1972-73) and Pacific Coast League (1974-81).
PERSONAL: Randall Gilbert Marsh...born on April 8, 1949 in Covington, KY...resides in Edgewood, KY...married Roxanne McFarland (10/7/78)...has one child: Lauren McFarland (11/19/80)...graduated from Covington Holmes High School in 1967...attended the University of Kentucky...served in the U.S. Army Reserve from 1968-74...involved in the D.A.R.E. program with local police and schools and the Kid Care ID program...began umpiring Little League games when he was as an instructor at the Wendelstedt Umpire School in the off-season...hobbies include golf and photography...would be interested in a career in dentistry if not a MLB umpire.

Alfonso Marquez - #72

Major League Service Time: 6.5 Years
CAREER: Joined the Major League staff in 1999...attended the Brinkman Umpire School (1993)...previously worked in the Arizona Fall League (1993), Arizona Instructional League (1993-97), Northwest League (1993), Midwest League (1994), California League (1995), Southern League (1996-97) and Pacific Coast League (1998-99).
PERSONAL: Alfonso Marquez...born on April 12, 1972 in Zacatecas, Mexico...currently resides in Gilbert, AZ...has three children: Alfonso Antonio (7/7/92), Makeyla Karen (9/6/00), and Cristian Larry (7/19/02)...graduated from Fullerton High School...was the first-ever Mexican-born umpire to make it to the Major Leagues and received an award in Zacatecas for that accomplishment...started Fonzie's Kids -- an organization that raises money and collects clothes and sporting equipment for kids in Mexico...inducted into the Mexican Baseball Hall of Fame in Monterrey (5/01)...enjoys spending time with his family, playing golf and riding motorcycles in the off-season...hobbies include going to the gym, golf and motorcycles...played Little League and high school baseball...became interested in umpiring during a Little League game at the age of 14.

Wally Bell - #35

Major League Service Time: 13 Years
CAREER: Joined the Major League staff in 1993...has umpired the All-Star Game (1997, 2000)…previously worked in the International League, Triple-A Alliance, Dominican Republic League, Southern League, Carolina League, South Atlantic League and New York-Penn League...proudest moment as a Major League umpire was returning to the field after having open heart surgery in 1999.
PERSONAL: Wallace Robert Bell...born on January 10, 1965 in Ravenna, OH...currently resides in Canfield, OH...has two children: Jason Patrick (8/10/99) and Lindsey Jane (9/27/00)...does charity work for the American Heart Association...hobbies include golf and fishing.

Mike Winters - #33

Major League Service Time: 16 Years
CAREER: Became a member of the Major League staff in 1990...has worked the All-Star Game (1995)…was umpiring when Tony Gwynn and Cal Ripken Jr. both reached the 3,000-hit milestone...was on the crew for Mark McGwire's record-breaking 62nd home run in 1998...attended Bill Kinnamon's Umpire School in 1982...previously umpired in the Northwest League (1982), California League (1983), Texas League (1984-85) and Pacific Coast League (1986-89).
PERSONAL: Michael John Winters...born on November 19, 1958 in Oceanside, CA...currently resides in Carlsbad, CA...single...has two children: Sean (4/16/90) and Erin (12/15/91)...received an Associate's Degree from San Diego Mesa College...attended San Diego State University...earliest memory of baseball was watching the 1968 World Series...became interested in umpiring at the age of 14 while working at the Clairemont Hilltoppers Little League...enjoys golf, skiing and spending time with his kids during the off-season.

John Hirschbeck - #17

Major League Service Time: 22.5 Years
CAREER: Became a member of the Major League staff in 1984...has worked the All-Star Game (1989, 2004)…he and brother Mark became the first pair of brothers to become Major League umpires...previously umpired in the Florida State League (1976-77), Eastern League (1978), Instructional League (1977-78), Puerto Rico Winter League(1979-80) and International League (1979-82)...serves as the president of the World Umpires Association.
PERSONAL: John F. Hirschbeck...born on September 7, 1954 in Bridgeport, CT...currently resides in Poland, OH...married Denise (9/25/82)...has four children: John (10/9/84), Michael (10/23/86), Erin (8/30/88) and Megan (9/27/91)...graduated from Frank Scott Bunnell High School in 1972...received a B.S. in Physical Education from Central Connecticut State University in 1976...hobbies include hunting, golf and fishing...proudest moment as a Major League umpire was working the 1995 World Series...began umpiring Little League as a part-time job during high school.

Tim McClelland - #36

Major League Service Time: 23.5 Years
CAREER: Joined the Major League staff in 1983...has worked the All-Star Game (1986, 98, 2003)...was behind the plate for the perfect game by David Wells in 1998...previously umpired in the Florida State League (1976-77), Florida Instructional League (1976, 78), Southern League (1978), American Association (1979-82) and Puerto Rican Winter League (1979-80).
PERSONAL: Timothy Reid McClelland...born on December 12, 1951 in Jackson, MI...currently resides in West Des Moines, IA...married Sandy (10/16/82)...has three children...a 1970 graduate of Parkside High School...received a B.A. in Recreation and Youth Leadership (1974) and a M.A. in Intramural Administration (1975) from Michigan State University...played semi-pro baseball...became interested in umpiring by officiating intramural competitions at Michigan State...enjoys playing golf.

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