Take Five with Anthony Reyes

Reyes, 5-8 with a 5.06 ERA in 17 regular-season starts, has the fewest wins of any Game 1 starter in World Series history and is the first in 33 years with a losing regular-season record, according to an Associated Press report.

Q. Has the enormity of pitching Game 1 in Detroit in the first game of the World Series kind of hit you?

ANTHONY REYES: Not quite yet. I'm just trying to not think about it right now, just trying to relax and just get rested up and get ready for tomorrow.

Q. How did your start in the League Championship Series prepare you for as far as pitching in the post-season, how much did it help?

ANTHONY REYES: It helps a lot. It helps to gather yourself before you go out there and not try to do too much, just the whole dealing with the crowds and all the pressure that goes with it, just stuff that I can use in this game.

Q. Could you talk about what you know about the Tiger lineup, maybe also pitching in the cold? And do you know Verlander at all?

ANTHONY REYES: I don't know him. I just know that they're a good swinging club. I'm going to take all my scouting stuff tomorrow.

Q. Knowing that everybody else or Jeff Weaver would have to go back on three days' rest, and it was probably your turn to be the starting pitcher, when did you actually find out that you were going to be the starter in the first game?


Q. This morning?

ANTHONY REYES: When I got to the park I did.

Q. After you guys beat the Mets they talked about how well the pitchers, Cardinal pitchers, did against them to keep their good hitting down. Can you talk about what the idea was, what the plan was, how it was executed?

ANTHONY REYES: The plan was just be aggressive, try not to be so fine, just when the glove's put up, hit the glove and try not to get in certain counts where they can hurt you.

Q. The way that the Cardinals struggled the last couple of weeks of the season, how were you able to regroup as a club for the postseason, what took place, what was said that allowed you to kind of get a new start?

ANTHONY REYES: Just go out there and have fun. Whatever happens, happens, but we're going to go out there and play the way we know how to play, and we stuck together as a team, and right now it's showing.

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