"Pop" Warner Takes the Helm in Springfield

Family man, Ron "Pop" Warner, takes the helm of the Springfield Cardinals as Chris Maloney moves up to the Memphis Redbirds.

So, it's official - the Springfield Cardinals have a new manager. I had a feeling this would be the announcement that the front office would make, but I never dreamed it would be such a win-win situation.

Chris Maloney has done a great job as manager of the Springfield team and has been like a father figure to most of the young players who pass through on their way to Memphis or St. Louis. "Pop" Warner on the other hand will be more like a frat brother. He is young and will more than likely relate to the young players in a positive way. Not that Maloney didn't, but Warner should just be different. And what better person to put in charge of the guys in Memphis, Those guys should have a few years of experience under their belts and who better to lead them than a guy with years of experience under his.

Look for Memphis to have a banner year in 2007. Maloney will expect more from the Redbirds that he did from the Cardinals and rightly so. He will play them like they were already in Busch Stadium. And who could ask for more than a manager named "Pop" Warner. Warner (Ron) said that he got the name "Pop" the first day he showed up to work with the Cardinals. George Kittle was there and when he learned the new guys name was Ron Warner, he immediately went up to the front office and had them change his name on his I.D. to "Pop." And that is what he has been called since that day.

He may be a native of Southern California but he is all Cardinal Country now. He is married to a woman from St. Charles who is a life-long Cardinal fan and who insisted that he move to the St. Louis area because she wasn't leaving Cardinal Country - perish the thought. Warner says he loves the St. Louis area and wouldn't return to California for anything. He has a young son who is barely a toddler who showed up in a Springfield Cardinals cap and looked right at home climbing his dad's leg while Warner was introduced to the members of the media.

Warner is the answer Springfield has been looking for. Maloney is the answer Memphis has been begging for. If our government could make a deal like this we would have all of the soldiers home by this weekend, the air would be cleaner than a wind swept iceberg, we would all be driving cars that got 200 miles to the gallon and we would all be paid with blank paychecks--just fill in what you think your worth.

I can't wait for 2007. It's going to be the best Springfield Cardinals year ever.

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