John Mozeliak on Free Agents and Arbitration

St. Louis Cardinals assistant general manager John Mozeliak speaks about a variety of player free agent and compensation considerations plus potential coaching changes for his club and much more in this exclusive audio interview.

In this exclusive audio interview, St. Louis Cardinals assistant general manager John Mozeliak takes a few minutes away from working on free agent signings and trade proposals to discuss strategy for a team being both a buyer of and potential loser of free agents in today's highly volatile player market.

Mo also talks about the inherent risks in terms whether or not to offer arbitration, and the pros and cons of compensatory draft picks. He also indicates the organization's thinking about new free agents Carmen Cali and Larry Bigbie potentially being asked back in 2007.

On the staffing front, we learn when the next round of minor league coaching positions across the organization should be announced and the likelihood of the members of Tony La Russa's major league coaching staff returning in 2007. Unlike La Russa, whose current contract runs through the 2007 season, his current staff's deals are up for renewal now.


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