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As we do each and every week here at, we single out the best of the best - the "Post of the Week" from our Cardinals message board, this time for the week ending Saturday, January 6.

A new poster came onto our board asking about the depth at the catching position in the Cardinals minor leagues. "JCInfo" answered the question and in the process of doing so, looked at experience levels of all the key prospects at the position in the system. A very nice job! "Cardinals Catcher Depth".

On page six of the long-running and stikeyed thread, "2007 Cards Salary Breakdown", "haltz" took a look at a number of fine trades made by the Cardinals from Spring Training through the regular season in recent years.

Finally, a thread that started off looking as if it would join the ongoing whinefest actually came around, got some legs and is going strong five pages later. "Free agent strikeouts (guys Cards should have got)" had several recent noteworthy posts.

On page two, "tenniseleven" used the sabermetric measurements EQA and RC/27 to compare Scott Rolen and the Cubs' shiny new acquisition Alfonso Soriano.

And finally, our winner this week, "GMan0311", enhanced the thread on page five with a look back at the 2006 Cardinals rotation by spot, combining stats to show how low the bar is set to exceed in 2007.

In recognition of a fine post, "GMan0311" collects a free four-week subscription to and all the other great sites in the network.

Next week, it can be you! So, keep posting!

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