Mariners & Weaver Agree to Terms

The veteran right-handed starting pitcher settles on a one year deal with Seattle for a reportedly, $8.3 million.

Represented by super agent Scott Boras, Jeff Weaver opted for a deal from the Mariners for one season, that paid more money upfront this year than a two-year offer from St. Louis.

According to sources in Seattle, Weaver's deal calls for $8.325 million for one season with the potential for another $1 million based on incentives.

Last season as the Cardinals scratched and clawed their way to the postseason, Weaver was 5-4 down the stretch and then dramatically increased his value as a free-agent this winter, by going 3-2 with a 2.43 ERA in the postseason.

After the World Series, Weaver made it clear he wanted to come back to St. Louis where he would have another chance to play in the postseason and the Cardinals wanted him back as well. You would think it would be simple to ink a deal.

Enter super-agent Scott Boras. Boras who knows how to work the free-agent system better than anybody, managed to get several MLB teams in a bidding war for a pitcher this winter, who at mid-season last year, was one bad outing from pitching in some independent baseball league somewhere.

St. Louis Cardinals General Manager, Walt Jocketty restructured the Cardinals offer at least a couple of times to meet the demands from Boras, but it finally came down to St. Louis was more interested in a two-year deal at about $6 million per season with incentives for appearances and innings included, than the one year deal that Weaver finally accepted.

Boras and Weaver opted for a one-year deal, instead of the initial three-year deal they were reportedly looking for, because it keeps Weaver's options open for next year as a free agent, meaning that Boras and Weaver could be in-line for a big payday in 2008.

Actually considering Weaver's overall 2006 record, in 2007.

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