Baseball Injury Report on the Cardinals

A look inside the first-ever chronicle of baseball injuries, the "Baseball Injury Report Annual", designed specifically for fantasy analysis but applicable for all fans with an interest in studying player injuries.

Through the cooperation of our resident injury expert Rick Wilton of, we provide you a glimpse inside his new book, the Baseball Injury Report Annual. Here, we focus on the St. Louis Cardinals club and several of their key injured players.

Wilton, fantasy baseball's first and most experienced injury analyst, combined his sports medicine background and 15 years experience analyzing baseball injuries to produce his first-of-its-kind annual.

Given that major league DL stints have been increasing, both in number and length, an accurate read on player health can make a difference whether you are a fantasy player or a rabid fan. The comprehensive information within the BIR Annual make it a valuable reference document for all.

The debut edition of the Baseball Injury Report Annual provides comprehensive five-year injury histories for hundreds of players, plus tons of insight into health-related issues that will affect these players in 2007.

The BIR Annual includes:
• Five-year injury history profiles for hundreds of players
• Insightful health summaries and prognoses for every player
• In-depth profiles for a group of notable 2006 cases
• Five-year team disabled list tables
• Detailed analysis of key injury situations for 2007 (including Mark Mulder, Kerry Wood, Eric Gagne, Rocco Baldelli, Ben Sheets and others)
• Injury Study: "Did the New Drug Policy have an impact on DL days in 2006?"
• First of its kind draft day injury risk analysis for your 2007 draft
• Medical primer
• …and much more!

First, we see the five-year injury history for the St. Louis Cardinals. Their ranking of number 13 due to 3768 player-days lost via disabled list stints puts them near the middle of the MLB pack.

Almost 40% of those injury days occurred during a single season – 2003 – which also happens to be the only non-playoff campaign the Cardinals have experienced in the last six. Simply coincidence or cause and effect?

St. Louis Cardinals      
5-Year DL Days: 3768     
MLB Ranking: 13     
On DL Off DL  DLD   Name                 Pos   Injury

4/3      10/2   182   Rick Ankiel          OF  Torn patella tendon
6/5      10/2   119   Larry Bigbie         OF  Umbilical hernia
4/3       5/8     35   Larry Bigbie         OF  Stress fracture, left heel
5/22     6/6     15   Chris Carpenter     P   Right shoulder bursitis
8/19     9/15    27   David Eckstein     SS Torn oblique muscle
6/21     8/23    63   Mark Mulder         P   Left shoulder impingement
8/30    10/2     33   Mark Mulder         P   Left shoulder surgery
5/8       5/27    19   Sidney Ponson     P   Slight flexor strain, rt elbow
6/4       6/22    18   Albert Pujols        1B Strained right oblique
4/19    10/2    166   Ricardo Rincon     P   Left shoulder surgery
On DL Off DL  DLD  Name                  Pos   Injury
6/6      6/24    18   Roger Cedeno       OF  Strained right hamstring
4/11     6/12    62  Cal Eldred             P   Upper respiratory infection
6/24     7/9     15   Randy Flores         P   Avulsed callus pad on left foot
4/27     5/13    16  Jason Isringhausen P   Strained rt. abdominal muscle
4/5     10/3    181  Mike Lincoln          P   Right elbow surgery
7/9      8/18    40   Yadier Molina        C   Hairline fracture, lt pinkie
4/3      4/19    16   Matt Morris         
P    Recovery rt shoulder surgery
4/11    5/5      24   Bill Pulsipher         P    Strained right hamstring
7/22   10/3     73   Scott Rolen          3B  Left rotator surgery
5/11    6/18    38   Scott Rolen          3B  Sprained left shoulder
7/16    9/12    58   Reggie Sanders     OF  Hairline fracture, right fibula
7/23    8/20    28   Larry Walker         OF  Herniated disc in neck
On DL Off DL  DLD  Name                    Pos   Injury

4/4      9/1    150  Rick Ankiel             P     Recovery left elbow surgery
8/7      9/4      28  Kiko Calero            P     Right rotator cuff tendinitis
4/11    5/13     32  Roger Cedeno        OF   Strained left hamstring
8/28    9/29     32  Steve Kline            P    Strained left groin
7/22    9/1       41  Ray Lankford         OF   Sore left wrist
5/4    10/4     153  Mike Lincoln           P     Right elbow surgery
6/3     6/18      15  Mike Matheny        C     Strained rib cage
On DL Off DL  DLD  Name                   Pos    Injury

6/19     7/29    40  Miguel Cairo          2B    Fractured left hand
6/29     9/29    92  Kiko Calero           P      Ruptured rt patella tendon
3/30     9/29   183  Chris Carpenter     P     Right shoulder surgery
8/9       9/1      23  J.D. Drew            OF    Strained right oblique muscle
3/30     4/20     21  J.D. Drew            OF    Recovery from knee surgery
3/30     6/10     72  Joe Girardi           C     Upper back soreness
6/30     9/1      63  Joe Girardi            C     Back strain
3/30     6/10    72  Jason Isringhausen P     Sore right shoulder
8/18     9/6      19  Jimmy Journell       P     Right shoulder sprain
5/12     9/1     112  Eli Marrero           OF   Right ankle surgery
7/22     8/23     32  Matt Morris          P     Fractured index finger
4/11     6/18     68  Lance Painter       P     Evulsed pelvis fracture
7/28     9/9      43  Lance Painter        P     Left calf strain
5/1       8/30   121  Russ Springer       P     Right elbow surgery
3/30     9/29   183  Gene Stechschulte P    Right shoulder surgery
3/30     9/29   183  Steve Torrealba     C    Right elbow strain
5/26     8/30    96   Fernando Vina       2B   Torn right hamstring
6/7       6/30    23  Chris Widger          C    Bruised right thumb
On DL Off DL   DLD Name                  Pos    Injury

3/31     6/5      66  Rick Ankiel           P     Left elbow tendinitis
4/16     7/16    91  Andy Benes          P     Arthritic right knee
6/28     7/13    15  J.D. Drew             OF   Patella tendinitis
6/1       6/16    15  Jim Edmonds        OF   Sprained right wrist
4/29     5/31    32  Steve Kline           P    Strained left tricep
8/21     9/11    21  Mike Matthews      P    Strained right hip flexor
8/24     9/10    17  Matt Morris           P    Strained left hamstring
5/11     9/30   142  Josh Pearce         P    Right shoulder soreness
4/22     5/7      15  Bud Smith            P    Strained left shoulder
5/30     8/28    90 Garrett Stephenson P    Left hamstring surgery
4/15     5/14    29 Garrett Stephenson P    Lower back strain
7/7       8/29    53 Woody Williams      P    Strained left ribcage
4/6       5/15    39 Woody Williams      P    Strained left oblique

Of course, the BIR Annual has this information for the other 29 clubs, too!

Next is a subset of three Cardinal players' capsules from the letter "E". In addition to what is reproduced here, Wilton includes full stat lines for all players for the last five years. They were excluded here due to space considerations.

On the left, you will see pertinent data about each player, including the total number of disabled list days over the last five seasons and his 2007 injury risk. The detail of each injury, the year, the time lost, percentage of the season, the nature of the injury and 2007 outlook are also provided.

Yr DLD % Injury
Eckstein, David
Pos 6 02
Age 32 03 22 12 Inflamed nerve - rt. leg
Bats Right 04
DL Days = 49 05
Draft Risk = Low 06 27 15 Torn oblique muscle
Ended 2006 with a torn oblique muscle and
two hamstring pulls. Prior to that, he had a
solid track record for staying healthy. The
Cards expect him to be 100% by the start of
spring training.
Edmonds, Jim
Pos 8 02 15 8 Sprained right wrist
Age 37 03
Bats Left 04
DL Days = 15 05
Draft Risk = High 06 [Surg rt. shdr. 11/06.;
Surg. lt. foot 1/07]
Underwent surgery (called modified
Mumpford) to shave part of the collarbone
and AC in 11/06. He'll like start slowly in
2007 as he rebuilds his shoulder strength.
Also had toe surgery on his left foot 1/07.
Good bet to start year on DL through April.
Encarnacion, Juan
Pos 98 02
Age 31 03
Bats Right 04 15 8 Left shoulder tendinitis
DL Days = 16 05
Draft Risk = Low 06
His nagging sore left wrist didn't respond to
rest after the season so he had surgery in
mid-December to repair a damaged tendon
(the procedure was considered minor by the
Cards' medical staff). Should be OK for
spring training, though his power might suffer
early in the year.

To see much more, order your copy of the Baseball Injury Report Annual for $14.95 plus $4.50 Priority Mail S&H via this link. is fantasy baseball's first and only all-injury web site. BIR gathers information from a wide range of media, baseball and medical sources to provide you with detailed insight and analysis of current injury situations.

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