Spring Training Photo Gallery - 03/01

The Cardinals took their first road trip of the Grapefruit League season, losing to the New York Mets, 4-3, as the Cardinals spring training record falls to 1-1. The Cardinals will host the Mets at Roger Dean Stadium on Friday, game time 1:05 p.m. ET.


It takes two guys to load the bus, you know the driver is thinking, they are just going away for the afternoon, gee whiz, my wife doesn't even pack this much.

I mean really how many pair of shoes do you need?

Another cart? You have got to be kidding me? More stuff? I only brought one bus. On a positive note, let's see that's a two dollar tip for each bag, hmmm...

The club's staff Ace Chris Carpenter (left)makes his way to the bus. He made his Spring Training debut today, against Tom Glavine and the New York Mets.

I don't know if you noticed, but he only got on the bus, after all the bags were packed and all the work was done.

Where's the water boy? Chris Carpenter has to carry is own water? Maybe the organization is a cutting too many corners.

Here comes improving daily left fielder Chris Duncan, who is apparently carrying more water for Chris Carpenter. When I say he is improving in the field daily, I'm serious. It has been very windy and there was a play yesterday, with the wind blowing in circles, back up against the wall, with the sun in his eyes, and everyone holding their breath waiting for him to misplay, he makes the catch.

By the time the season starts, after playing here in the outfield for five weeks, Duncan should be a much improved defensive outfielder.

By the way, Duncan hit his first home run today of the young Grapefruit League season.

Here comes the St. Louis Cardinals legendary manager, Tony La Russa.

What's this, he's carrying his own bag? What's up with that?

I guess two buck is two bucks.

Apparently Tony saw me standing outside the clubhouse, hence him running to the bus, as if the bus wasn't going to wait on him.

Of course not everybody made the trip up I-95 to Port St. Lucie to play the Mets, shown here in this photo (right) from left to right, Randy Keisler, Jason Isringhausen and Kip Wells all working out in a side session until the bus got out of sight.

No I'm kidding of course. On a serious note Keisler has impressed the coaches here in camp. Jason Isringhausen continues to progress as scheduled and Kip Wells is as sharp as he has ever been and let me be the first or at least one of the first to predict, he'll have his best season ever in St. Louis this year and will finally live up to his potential.

Will the real David Eckstein, please stand up?

No this isn't David Eckstein, it is new Cardinal coach Rick Eckstein, David's brother, notice any resemblance?

Rick is quickly becoming very popular with the fans, he took time today to sign autographs and pose for the very few fans around the complex.

Rick has been working overtime with Cardinal infielder prospect Brendan Ryan. Ryan made a great play at second to save a run in the FAU @ St. Louis game on Monday.

Looking a little dejected, St. Louis Cardinals second baseman, Adam Kennedy missed his third game in a row, because of a twinge in his right side.

Kennedy participated in drills on Thursday, but is only hitting in the batting cages near the clubhouse for now, trying to protect his side from further injury.

Travis Hanson (forefront right) the St. Louis Cardinals Minor League Player of the Year in 2005, is seen here with his teammates throwing and getting his arm ready for today action.

Hanson was one of four players, the others being; Tagg Bozied, Brendan Ryan and Edgar Gonzalez, who stayed back to work out and take batting practice, before being shuttled to Port St. Lucie for the afternoon game.

Hanson has put on about 15 pounds and looks in the best shape of his young career. After a great 2005 season, he struggled most of 2006. Based on my early observations, Hanson should return to the form that made him a Top Ten organizational prospect just two seasons ago.

That's it for today's photos, be sure to check out my Spring Training Notebook for the latest scoop from Roger Dean Stadium.

I'll meet you back here tomorrow.

I'll see you at the ballpark.

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