119 Cardinals Games on FSN South / SportSouth

Looking for 2007 St. Louis Cardinals games on television in the southern reaches of The Cardinal Nation? We have the schedule!

I have received a number of inquiries from readers residing in parts south of the FSN Midwest area about how and where to find St. Louis Cardinals games on television this season. I can understand why, as I spent over an hour in a fruitless attempt to locate this information online.

The good news is that the games are there – you will just have to look a bit harder to find them. FSN South is airing 40 Cardinals games this season. In addition, companion network SportsSouth is televising 79 games for a total of 119. The detailed schedule follows.

If SportsSouth (formerly known as Turner South; now under the FSN South umbrella) is not available in your area, you will need to contact your cable or satellite provider to encourage them to add SportsSouth.

Note: Please be aware that I can neither explain nor fix MLB's confusing rules regarding territorial rights and blackouts. While I feel the frustration of those who are disadvantaged by these archaic policies, I have no influence in trying to correct them.

For those who will be comforted by actions promised by the Commissioner of Major League Baseball, last June, Bud Selig said he and his underlings will "figure it out". Here's the link for reference.

Since then, the controversial exclusive deal with DirecTV for the MLB Extra Innings package seems to demonstrate a step backward taken in terms of fan-friendly policies for viewing MLB games on television, however.

FSN South and SportSouth 2007 St. Louis Cardinals Broadcast Schedule
(FSN South games listed in bold)

Day/Date Opponent
Wednesday, 4/4 New York
Friday, 4/6 at Houston
Sunday, 4/8 at Houston
Monday, 4/9 at Pittsburgh
Tuesday, 4/10 at Pittsburgh
Wednesday, 4/11 at Pittsburgh
Friday, 4/13 Milwaukee
Saturday, 4/14 Milwaukee
Tuesday, 4/17 Pittsburgh
Wednesday, 4/18 at San Francisco
Thursday, 4/19 at San Francisco
Friday, 4/20 at Chicago
Tuesday, 4/24 Cincinnati
Wednesday, 4/25 Cincinnati
Thursday, 4/26 Cincinnati
Friday, 4/27 Chicago
Monday, 4/30 at Milwaukee
Tuesday, 5/1 at Milwaukee
Wednesday, 5.2 at Milwaukee
Friday, 5/4 Houston
Saturday, 5/5 Houston
Monday, 5/7 Colorado
Tuesday, 5/8 Colorado
Wednesday, 5.9 Colorado
Friday, 5/11 at San Diego
Saturday, 5/12 at San Diego
Sunday, 5/13 at San Diego
Monday, 5/14 at Los Angeles
Tuesday, 5/15 at Los Angeles
Wednesday, 5/16 at Los Angeles
Friday, 5/18 at Detroit
Saturday, 5/19 at Detroit
Tuesday, 5/22 Pittsburgh
Wednesday, 5/23 Pittsburgh
Thursday, 5/24 Pittsburgh
Saturday, 5/26 Washington
Monday, 5/28 at Colorado
Tuesday, 5/29 at Colorado
Wednesday, 5/30 at Colorado
Thursday, 5/31 at Colorado
Day Game
Friday, 6/1 at Houston
Tuesday, 6/5 Cincinnati
Wednesday, 6/6 Cincinnati
Thursday, 6/7 Cincinnati
Friday, 6/8 Los Angeles Angels
Saturday, 6/9 Los Angeles Angels
Tuesday, 6/12 at Kansas City
Wednesday, 6/13 at Kansas City
Thursday, 6/14 at Kansas City
Friday, 6/15 at Oakland
Saturday, 6/16 at Oakland
Sunday, 6/17 at Oakland
Monday, 6/18 Kansas City
Tuesday, 6/19 Kansas City
Wednesday, 6/20 Kansas City
Friday, 6/22 Philadelphia
Monday, 6/25 at New York
Tuesday, 6/26 at New York
Wednesday, 6/27 at New York
Thursday, 6/28 at New York
Friday, 6/29 at Cincinnati
Saturday, 6/30 at Cincinnati
Monday, 7/2 Arizona
Tuesday, 7/3 Arizona
Wednesday, 7/4 Arizona
Thursday, 7/5 Arizona
Friday, 7/6 San Francisco
Saturday, 7/7 San Francisco
Friday, 7/13 at Philadelphia
Monday, 7/16 at Florida
Tuesday, 7/17 at Florida
Wednesday, 7/18 at Florida
Saturday, 7/21 at Atlanta
Tuesday, 7/24 Chicago
Thursday, 7/26 Chicago
Friday, 7/27 Milwaukee
Saturday, 7/28 Milwaukee
Tuesday, 7/31 at Pittsburgh
Day Game
Wednesday, 8/1 at Pittsburgh
Thursday, 8/2 at Pittsburgh
Friday, 8/3 at Washington
Saturday, 8/4 at Washington
Sunday, 8/5 at Washington
Monday, 8/6 San Diego
Tuesday, 8/7 San Diego
Wednesday, 8/8 San Diego
Thursday, 8/9 San Diego
Tuesday, 8/10 at Milwaukee
Wednesday, 8/15 at Milwaukee
Thursday, 8/16 at Milwaukee
Friday, 8/17 at Chicago
Monday, 8/20 at Chicago
Tuesday, 8/21 Florida
Wednesday, 8/22 Florida
Thursday, 8/23 Florida
Tuesday, 8/28 at Houston
Wednesday, 8/29 at Houston
Thursday, 8/30 at Houston
Friday, 8/31 Cincinnati
Monday, 9/3 Pittsburgh
Tuesday, 9/4 Pittsburgh
Wednesday, 9/5 Pittsburgh
Thursday, 9/6 Pittsburgh
Friday, 9/7 at Arizona
Sunday, 9/9 at Arizona
Tuesday, 9/11 at Cincinnati
Wednesday, 9/12 at Cincinnati
Thursday, 9/13  at Cincinnati
Friday, 9/14 Chicago
Monday, 9/17 Philadelphia
Tuesday, 9/18 Philadelphia
Wednesday, 9/19 Philadelphia
Thursday, 9/20 Houston
Friday, 9/21 Houston
Monday, 9/24 at Milwaukee
Tuesday, 9/25 at Milwaukee
Wednesday, 9/26 at Milwaukee
Friday, 9/28 at Pittsburgh
Sunday, 9/30 at Pittsburgh

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