Swing of the Quad Cities Report – April 26

Our exclusive weekly report on the 2007 edition of the Swing of the Quad Cities of the Single-A Midwest League includes an interview with outfielder Jim Rapoport.

This week's featured player is Jim Rapoport, outfielder for the Swing of the Quad Cities. I had the chance to have dinner with Jim last week before the team left on a two-week road trip.


Jon: Great game tonight, Jim! Let me ask a few questions that will give the readers a better look at who you are. First off, who on the team is most like you as far as playing style?


Jim: I think it would be Daryl Jones. We're both lefties, both outfielders, and both make the most of our speed.


Jon: Who is most different on the field?


Jim: Brandon Buckman. Just look at him. He's a lot bigger.


Jon: What's the worst thing about playing minor league baseball?


Jim: I think it's the bus trips. We leave for Dayton this week. It's a long time on the bus. The commuter trips get to be late, too.


Jon: If you could change anything about the game of baseball, what would be different?


Jim: I can't say that I would want anything to change. I like the game the way it is. I might get rid of the designated hitter. I don't really like that.


Jon: If for some reason you couldn't play baseball anymore, what would you do instead?


Jim: I have a degree in business so I'd find something to do there.


Jon: Growing up, what was your favorite team?


Jim: The Dodgers. I'm a Californian!


Jon: Do you follow any other sports?


Jim: Yeah, basketball; all other sports, really. I like the Lakers.


Jon: One last question, how long have you been playing baseball?


Jim: I don't remember how many years, but I started in T-ball.


Jon: Thanks again, Jim. Have a great trip. This is almost like a short off-season, so hurry back!



My views for the week: 


With the season now three weeks old, the Swing are beginning to come into their own. This week, I will concentrate on the "top five" in several statistical categories. Nineteen games into the season, the team is starting to show their worth.


Playing in at least 17 of the 19 games are: Brandon Buckman, Mark Shorey, Donovan Solano, Luke Gorsett, Jim Rapoport, and Daryl Jones. (OK, that's six to start the "top five" list, but there was a tie.) 


In the hits category, Buckman leads again with 22, Shorey (20), Gorsett (17), Omar Falcon (16), and Solano (15).


Jaime Landin has the highest slugging percentage at .600, followed by Buckman (.571), Falcon (.519), Jared Schweitzer (.500), and Christian Lopez (.462).


Batting average is the only category that doesn't currently include Buckman in the top five. They are Isa Garcia (currently with the Palm Beach Cardinals) at .342, Schweitzer and Lopez (.333), Falcon (.308), and Landin (.300).


Swinging this week:


Jamie Landin is my pick on the hot list this week. A recent addition to the team, I've only "seen" his play via the radio. He's showing that the Cards probably should have put him on a roster last year. I'm glad he's with the club now.


Missing this week:


Willian Sandoval and Chris Grossman continue to struggle but I still think it's early in the season to make judgments.


What's ahead:


With games in Burlington Thursday and Friday likely to be rained out, the Swing might have a pair of double-headers against them at John O'Donnell this weekend.



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