Swing of the Quad Cities Report – Week Eight

Our exclusive weekly report on the 2007 edition of the Swing of the Quad Cities of the Single-A Midwest League focuses on outfielder Luke Gorsett.

This week's featured Swing hitter is Luke Gorsett. The "old man" in the outfield just turned 23 this weekend. In 55 games this year he is hitting .279, up from .265 at the end of April. Thus far he is hitting best with one out (.316) and nobody on base (.297). He's a Colorado native and spent his college years as a Cornhusker. One small fact about Luke that could easily go unnoticed is that he has not attempted a stolen base this year. I found this to be odd, because he isn't slow at all.


I caught Luke after a recent game in Clinton and the following interview ensued:


Jon: Luke, I'm going to ask a few questions about baseball and a few that are more just about you. When I come to a game, I come as a fan to have fun. You come as a player like you're going to work. How do you keep the fun in the job?


Luke: I just remember how fun baseball has been since I was a little kid and try to keep that fun in the game all the time. There's a lot more stress now, but I work to keep the game fun.


Jon: What's the worst thing about the "job" of baseball?


Luke: There's nothing bad about baseball!


Jon: What about baseball at this level, then?


Luke: It's tough getting mentally prepared every day for the game. This is a long season but I'd never give it up.


Jon: That leads to my next question. If you had to give up baseball tonight, what would you do instead?


Luke: I'd go back to school and finish my degree in business. But I'm not giving up baseball.


Jon: What part of your game are you working on the most this year?


Luke: I'm working on my power numbers. They aren't what I want right now.


Jon: What other guy on the team plays most like you?


Luke: (long silence)


Jon: Who do you play most like?


Luke: (more thoughtful silence) I don't know, I never thought about it, but we all play our own game.


Jon: Who is your favorite MLB team?


Luke: (no hesitation this time) The Rockies.


Jon: What are your hobbies away from the game of baseball?


Luke: I spend as much time as I can with my fiancé?e, I read, I like to hang out with the guys.


Jon: Tell me about your best game ever.


Luke: It was last year against Notre Dame. I hit for the cycle in the Dome in Minneapolis. That was a great day.


Jon: Everyone tries to avoid answering this, and I'll put in a disclaimer so you don't get in trouble with the front office. In a best case scenario, when do you get called up to St. Louis?


Luke: Best case? I'd love it if I can get there in two years.


Jon: I hope to be there for your first game! Thanks for taking time to talk!


Swinging this week (who's hot)


I'm concentrating on PJ Walters in this category this week. As of Wednesday night, PJ has not given up a run during the entire month of May. When I asked him about it last night, he humbly reminded me that he pitches on Thursday night, and that's still May. You have to respect talent that stays out of a guy's head. Of course, I have to also mention Jim Rapoport and Mark Shorey who both earned and deserved their promotions to Palm Beach and Springfield, respectively.


Missing this week (who's not)


This is a little tougher this week. With the promotion of Rapoport and Shorey, the entire lineup has been shuffled. Guys are filling positions that are new and uncomfortable to them, so I won't single out any position players for defensive downfalls until they get a chance to settle in at the new positions. I'm still waiting for Daryl Jones to have a breakout game. I can't imagine the kind of personal pressure a 19-year-old puts on himself.


Just two more home games before a week on the road. I'm going to HAVE to get to the games or I'll feel like it's another off-season.


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