Cardinals' Short-Season Rosters Ready

The St. Louis Cardinals are setting rosters for their three short-season clubs. Regular season play gets underway for Batavia, Johnson City and the Gulf Coast League starting on Tuesday, June 19.

At the start of April, roughly 100 players who had reported to minor league spring training camp in March went north with full-season clubs housed in Memphis, Tennessee, Springfield, Missouri, the Quad Cities (Iowa/Illinois) as well as joined the Palm Beach Cardinals there in Jupiter, Florida.

For other players, it has been over three long months on the back fields of Jupiter, whether working to improve their game, recovering from injury or a dose of each. These ballplayers were joined by a major influx of the Cardinals best and brightest prospects from their academies in the Dominican Republic and Venezuela.

A handful of them were sent out during the last two months as reinforcements were needed on the full-season teams, but most continued on, competing in extended spring training.

Now, this week, as EST evolved into mini-camp, a new group of players are showing up. These are the first signees from last week's First-Year Player Draft. Initially half, 26 of the 52 Cardinals draftees, had settled and a number of them arrived in mini-camp. (Eight more have signed since, including a number of free agents.)

With the coaching staffs of the full-season clubs watching, this ever-changing player mix was sorted into three groups – the three short-season club rosters.

These three teams' seasons get underway next Tuesday and Wednesday, including the initial rookie-level Gulf Coast League Cardinals club, added over the winter. The other two teams are the Johnson City Cardinals of the Appalachian League (Rookie) and the Batavia Muckdogs of the New York-Penn League. The Cardinals moved their short-season Class A affiliate to Batavia from State College, PA following the 2006 season.

As a refresher, here are these clubs' coaching staffs in 2007:

Club Manager Pitching Coach Hitting Coach Trainer
Batavia (A) Mark DeJohn* Al Holland^ Mike Shildt* Manabu Kuwazuru*
Johnson City (R) Joe Almaraz^ Sid Monge^ Brian Puchalski^
GCL Cardinals (R) Enrique Brito Dennis Martinez
* Returning
^ Returning / new assignment

Now, here are the working rosters of the three clubs. Recognize there could still be changes between now and the opening of the season due to more players signing, injuries and the like. But, with the Johnson City and Batavia teams now en route to their cities, these adjustments will likely be minor.

Cardinals Director of Minor League Operations John Vuch explains the organization's general approach in assigning players to teams.

"Most of the international/high school draftees go to the GCL, with the more advanced ones assigned to Johnson City, although there are a few exceptions based on positional need. The more advanced college players generally wind up at Batavia, with the overflow going to Johnson City – again with some exceptions due to positional logjams," Vuch said.

Batavia Johnson City GCL Cardinals
Catchers Gonzalez, Steve Mulligan, Casey Castro, Ivan
Derba, Nicholas Sanzillo, Robert DeLaCruz, Luis
Hill, Steven D. Vazquez, Paul Espinosa, Roberto
Carpenter, David - DL Bussiere, Garrett - DL
Pitchers Mortensen, Clayton Peralta, Senger (L) Hooker, James
Todd, Jess North, Matt Cardenas, Hector (L)
Wilson, Josh Diapoules, Mark Gonzalez, Carlos
Bilardello, Davis (L) Leach, Tyler Gonzalez, Rainyer
Garner, Brandon Mendoza, Wladimir Marquez, Fabian
Dew, Josh Mayes, LaCurtis Martinez, Gustavo
Daman, Wayne Javier, Omar Delgado, Ramon
Gonzalez, Marco Mateo, Jose Rosales, Andres
Long, Clayton Arredondo, Jose Samuel, Francisco
Collier, Logan Additon, Nick Sanchez, Eduardo
Fritsche, Joshua Gonzalez, Dylan Lugo, Rigoberto
Eager, Thomas Fick, Chuckie Spade, Matthew (L)
Stambaugh, Jonathan Broderick, Brian Blazek, Michael
Kopp, David Hill, Steven A. Ortiz, Pablo
Parise, Pete
Hodinka, Ryan (L) - DL Bakey, Kris - DL Pichardo, Joel - DL
Rada, Jose - DL
1B Brown, Andrew Pelt, Charlie Conde, Edwin
Morales, Osvaldo
Thomas, Scott - DL
Infielders Marmol, Oliver Bolivar, Domnit Ruiz, Romulo
Cartie, Bryan Garcia, Jose G. Toribio, Guillermo
Oeder, Ross Arburr, Matt Cruz, Arnoldi
Groff, Will Folli, Mike Hiraldo, Braulio
Descalso, Daniel Vera, Nicholas
Puello, Melvin - DL
Outfielders DeJesus, Antonio Mitchell, Travis Parejo, Frederick
Marquez, Roberto Edwards, Jon Lara, Edgar
Roberson, Justin Riportella, Beau Martinez, Jairo
Fanning, Collin Chambers, Adron Hage, Joey
Buck, Brian Schoenenberg, Carlos
Pujols, Wil Ingram, D'Marcus
Rivera, Francisco - DL
Dumont, Cristofer  
Martina, Quincy

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