Cardinals 2007 Draft Status – June 25 Update

37 of the St. Louis Cardinals' 53 selections from the 2007 draft have come to terms so far. First-rounder Peter Kozma heads the list of 16 still unsigned.

Listed is the signing status of the 53 players selected by the St. Louis Cardinals in this month's First Year Player Draft, with their initial club assignments noted.

Following that is the breakdown of the selections by class in school as well as position.

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Cardinals 2007 Draft Status

Rd Name Pos School Club
1 Peter Kozma SS Owasso, HS (OK)
1a Clayton Mortensen RHP Gonzaga Univ Batavia
2 David Kopp RHP Clemson Univ Batavia
2 Jess Todd RHP Univ of Arkansas Batavia
3 Daniel Descalso 3B Univ of California
4 Kyle Russell OF Univ of Texas
5 Thomas Eager RHP Cal Poly
6 Oliver Marmol SS College of Charleston Batavia
7 Deryk Hooker RHP Mira Mesa HS (CA) GCL Cards
8 Tyler Henley OF Rice University 
9 Michael Stutes RHP Oregon State Univ
10 Beau Riportella OF College of Sequoias Johnson City
11 Adam Reifer RHP UC Riverside
12 Brett Zawacki RHP La Salle
13 Steve Hill 1B/C Stephen F Austin Univ Batavia
14 Josh Dew RHP Troy University  Batavia
15 Chuckie Fick RHP Cal State Northridge  Johnson City
16 Antone DeJesus OF Univ of Kentucky Batavia
17 Matt Arburr 3B Pace University Johnson City
18 Andrew Brown OF Univ of Nebraska Batavia
19 Nicholas Peoples 2B Univ of Texas
20 Brian Cartie 3B McNeese State Univ Batavia
21 Brian Broderick RHP Grand Canyon Univ Johnson City
22 Charles Kingery OF McNeese State Univ (injured)
23 Joey Hage OF M Stoneman HS (FL) GCL Cards
24 Samuel Freeman LHP N Central Texas College
25 J.D. Stambaugh LHP Brigham Young Univ Batavia
26 Tony Cruz 3B Palm Beach CC GCL Cards
27 Brian Buck OF Santa Barbara College Johnson City
28 Ross Oeder 2B Wright State Univ Batavia
29 Charlie Pelt 1B Georgia State Univ Johnson City
30 Nick Derba C Manhattan College Batavia
31 Dylan Gonzalez RHP Pepperdine Univ Johnson City
32 Nick Vera 3B Trinity University Johnson City
33 Josh Fritsche LHP Oklahoma St Univ Batavia
34 Steve Hill RHP Southeastern Univ Johnson City
35 Mike Blazek RHP Arbor View HS (NV) GCL Cards
36 Collin Fanning OF Brigham Young Univ Batavia
37 Craig Ziegler 1B Univ of Arizona
38 Adron Chambers OF Pensacola JC Johnson City
39 Rigoberto Lugo RHP PR BB Academy HS GCL Cards
40 Justin Dalles C  St Petersburg JC  
41 Ramon Delgado RHP Pima CC  GCL Cards
42 Mike Folli 2B Univ of Buffalo Johnson City
43 Davis Bilardello LHP Univ of South Florida Batavia
44 Daniel Thomas RHP Univ of South Florida
45 Jameson Maj RHP Abilene Christian Univ
46 Rob Sanzillo C Johns Hopkins Univ Johnson City
47 Mateo Marquez OF Cal State Dominguez Batavia
48 Jason King OF Dublin Jerome HS (OH)
49 Ronald Russell RHP Harmony Grove HS (AR)
50 Stephen McCray RHP Young Harris College

Cardinals 2007 Draft by Class

Drafted 52     Signed 37  
High School 8       4  
Jr. College 7   5  
    3rd year 1   1
    2nd year 4   3
    1st year 2   1
College 37       28  
    Senior 14 13
    Junior 20 14
    Soph. 3     1

Cardinals 2007 Draft by Position

Drafted 52     Signed 37  
Outfielders 12       9  
Catchers  3       2  
Pitchers 23       15  
    Left 4 3
    Right 19   12
Infielders 14       11  
    Middle 5 2
    Corner 9     9

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