Swing of the Quad Cities Report – Week 13

Our exclusive weekly report on the 2007 edition of the Swing of the Quad Cities of the Single-A Midwest League focuses on new first baseman Tim Dorn.

When Brandon Buckman was promoted to Palm Beach last month, I thought that the Swing of the Quad Cities had lost a lot of size and power. I was only correct for about three days. With the arrival of Tim Dorn, the team recovered all the size they had lost, and Tim is showing that his bat will be as beneficial to the team as was Buckman's. This week's report will focus on Tim, one of the newest members of the Swing. As with all of the players I have been privileged to interview, Tim impressed me as a nice guy, as well as being a good player.


Jon: Tim, I understand that the night that the Cardinals purchased your contract, you found out about it when the fans did, over the PA system. Tell me about that.


Tim: Actually it was a little before the announcement. It was almost the end of the game. I was getting ready to take the field and our manager called me over. I thought I was going to get a break for the rest of the game, so I was happy. He said to me, "Remember when I told you that I want a hat from the team that signs you? Well, you're going to the Cards, so you owe me a hat! Now go out to first and pretend that everything is normal." I went out and tossed a few to help the guys warm up, and then they made the announcement on the PA. 5,500 fans gave me a standing ovation. It was such a special moment! I had no idea that anyone was looking at me, but here I am! I don't know if they looked at my stats or if there were scouts there watching. I'll never forget that.


Jon: I always have to remember when I get to the stadium that I'm there for an evening of watching a game and you are there for your job. How do you balance baseball as a game and baseball as a job?


Tim: I don't think of it as a job. Getting paid to play is really cool. I just love the fact that I get to play every day.


Jon: What's the best part of playing baseball at the Class A level?


Tim: It's knowing that every day you have a shot to work hard to move up. It's just incredible.


Jon: So, what's the worst part of baseball at the Class A level?


Tim: I don't like being away from my family for so long.


Jon: What part of your game are you working on the most to improve this year?


Tim: I'm still working to improve all around. I'm not good enough at anything to sit back and say, "OK, now I have that." I've got plenty of room to improve all of it.


Jon: Away from the game, what hobbies do you enjoy?


Tim: I have a healthy obsession with music. I manage a couple of bands in the off season; booking gigs, scheduling tours, keeping them busy. I like music; everything about it.


Jon: Let me play devil's advocate. Worst case scenario, if you woke up tomorrow and could no longer play baseball, what would you do instead?


Tim: I'd go back to school, finish my degree in business, and use that in a new job. But I'm not giving up on baseball.


Jon: Who on the team do you see yourself as being most similar to as far as playing style and ability?


Tim: I'd have to say it's Chris Grossman. We're both big guys and he has a lot of "pop" in his bat like I do.


Jon: Looking back on your life, what's the best moment you've had in your life that's baseball-related?


Tim: It has to be when I stood at first base last month while 5,500 people gave me a standing O for getting a contract with the Cards. That was really a great moment.


Jon: What adjustments have you had to make in your game since you joined the Cards' organization?


Tim: In indy ball I really saw the ball better when I was up to bat. I'm adjusting to that now and I'm hitting the ball better.


Jon: With this last question, I always tell the guys I interview that I will take the blame for forcing you to answer this question so that nobody in St. Louis thinks that you've got your own plan. Best case scenario, when do you hope to be playing in Busch Stadium?


Tim: Not until I'm ready, and right now, I'm not ready. I'd like to think that I can develop my game for a year at each level, so maybe three to four years.


Jon: Thanks, Tim, and welcome to the Quad Cities.



Swinging this week:  Tyler Herron has been throwing lights out lately. He was named MWL Pitcher of the Month for June. With the recent end to the streak of 16 of 26 games against Wisconsin, Brad Furnish deserves special mention. In his innings against the young Mariners, his ERA was less than one. Jaime Landin had a stellar night on Tuesday with a home run and three RBIs in the game, including a walkoff single that plated Chris Grossman in the bottom of the 10th inning.


Missing this week: I remain concerned about Daryl Jones' batting average which is still hovering right at .200.  There are several players who are continuing to bat too close to .200. Jose Ramirez has only been with the team for seven games, but it's time to step to the plate and hit! I hope he raises his .154 soon. Willian Sandoval (.163) and Wilmer Alvarado (.205) also need to pick it up.


Coming up:  I hope to get an interview this week with Kyle Mura's dad, Steve, who was part of the 1982 World Champion St. Louis Cardinals. Also watch for a personal look at Daryl Jones.



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