Cards Minors Players of the Month – June 2007

The Birdhouse recognizes the top offensive performances in 12 categories across the St. Louis Cardinals minor league system for the month of June 2007. The overall Player of the Month is new Memphis infielder Jarrett Hoffpauir.

The Birdhouse Players of the Month Awards are back. Each month we give awards for those players leading the entire St. Louis Cardinals minor league system that month in various offensive categories and award an overall ‘Player of the Month'.

We let you know which player led each team in that category plus a top five. The player listed first at each level is that team's ‘Team Leader'. If a team does not have a player in the top five, a team leader is designated a ‘TL'. The positions listed for each player are those he has played so far this season, in order of game appearances. Those players changing teams during the month are listed by the team with which they ended the month. Their stats have been combined. Those players playing exclusively on the short-season squads during June are not included in this month's awards due to the limited number of games played.

Now, on to the awards –

Methodology for Choosing the Overall Winner
The top five in each of the ten qualifying categories were ranked numerically one through five with a team leader being noted only if he was not in the top five. (‘The Whiffer' is not a qualifying category for obvious reasons.) For June there were 15 players that placed in the top five in at least one category.

The decision came down to two players and there are excellent arguments to be made for each player. One player ranked in eight of ten categories and had the power numbers. The other was first in five of the six categories in which he was ranked and played at a higher level. One likely has a higher upside than the other but his position remains in doubt. This decision could have gone either way and those that disagree are free to do so. The result was determined prior to any announcement by the St. Louis Cardinals' organization and was not influenced, either way, by that announcement.

Player of the Month for June 2007
Jarrett Hoffpauir – Second Base – Springfield Cardinals

.410/.468/.590/1.058, 34-for-83, 22 G, 8 R, 9 2B, 0 3B, 2 HR, 14 RBI, 9 BB, 6 SO, 2 SB, 0 CS, 0 E, 1 HBP, .427 BABIP, 23.4 RC, .181 ISO, 1:16 K/PA
Continuing a trend for Springfield position players, Jarrett Hoffpauir is The Birdhouse Player of the Month for June. Hoffpauir had what could be a break-out month at a much needed position within the Cardinals' minor league system. He ranked first in Batting Average, On-Base Percentage, OPS and Runs Created and is the only qualifying player in St. Louis' minor league system to walk more than he strikes out. Those following Hoffpauir's career know that the latter is not an anomaly for him. The recently turned 24-year-old is the best performing position player from St. Louis' rather dismal 2004 draft. He does not have a great deal of home run power but has good doubles power and the position he plays is not known as a power position. Continued hot hitting by Hoffpauir will force some hard decisions by Cardinals' brass since the Memphis second baseman, Edgar Gonzalez, is one of the better hitters on a pretty dreadful Memphis squad.

Honorable Mention
Allen Craig– Third and First Base/Designated Hitter – Palm Beach Cardinals
.337/.405/.592/.997, 19-for-98, 26 G, 19 R, 4 2B, 0 3B, 7 HR, 24 RBI, 9 BB, 12 SO, 3 SB, 1 CS, 1 E, 3 HBP, .329 BABIP, 22.9 RC, .255 ISO, 1:9.25 K/PA
Allen Craig had a monthly performance worthy of Player of the Month honors. He hit for average with power. He placed in eight of the ten qualifying categories, missing out on only Stolen Bases and Battin' Eye. His was a well-balanced performance. Yet a big question remains as to his ultimate defensive position. Craig's upside is considerably higher if he can handle the hot corner than if he has to either be moved to first base or, worse yet, become a designated hitter.

Batting Average
The Best
Jarrett Hoffpauir – Second Base – Springfield Cardinals
.410 batting average, 34 hits in 83 at bats

Balance of the Top Five

Rank Player  POS  AVG  AB  Team Level
2 Anderson, Bryan C 0.385 30 78 Springfield Double-A
3 Craig, Allen 3B/1B/DH 0.337 33 98 Palm Beach A-Advanced
4 Buckman, Brandon 1B/DH 0.321 34 106 PB/QC
5 Danielson, Sean OF 0.303 33 109 Springfield Double-A
TL - Gonzalez, Edgar V. 2B 0.301 31 103 Memphis Triple-A
TL - Grossman, Chris C/DH/1B 0.291 25 86 Quad Cities A

On Base Percentage
The Best
Jarrett Hoffpauir – Second Base – Springfield Cardinals
.468 on-base percentage, 34 H, 9 BB, 1 HBP in 83 at bats.

Balance of the Top Five

Rank Player  POS  OBP BB  HBP AB  Team
2 - T Craig, Allen 3B/1B/DH 0.405 33 9 3 98 Palm Beach
2 - T Anderson, Bryan C 0.405 30 4 0 78 Springfield
4 Nelson, Dan Utility 0.385 25 12 0 84 Palm Beach
5 Buckman, Brandon 1B/DH 0.368 34 8 1 106 PB/QC
TL - Grossman, Chris C/DH/1B 0.354 25 9 1 86 Quad Cities
TL - Bozied, Tagg 1B/LF/RF 0.348 23 15 2 98 Memphis

The Best
Rick Ankiel – Centerfield – Memphis Redbirds
.606 slugging percentage, with 4 doubles, 0 triples and 10 home runs in 99 at bats

Balance of the Top Five

Rank Player  POS  SLG 2B 3B HR AB  Team
2 Hamilton, Mark 1B/DH 0.598 5 0 9 92 Sp/PB
3 Craig, Allen 3B/1B/DH 0.592 4 0 7 98 Palm Beach
4 Hoffpauir, Jarrett 2B/SS 0.590 9 0 2 83 Springfield
5 Mather, Joe OF/1B 0.550 7 0 7 100 Memphis/Sp
TL - Gorsett, Luke RF/LF 0.470 9 0 2 83 Quad Cities

On Base Plus Slugging
The Best
Jarrett Hoffpauir – Second Base – Springfield Cardinals
1.058 OPS, .468 on-base plus .590 slugging percentage

Balance of the Top Five

Rank Player  POS  OBP SLG OPS Team
2 Craig, Allen 3B/1B/DH 0.405 0.592 0.997 Palm Beach
3 Hamilton, Mark 1B/DH 0.330 0.598 0.928 Sp/PB
4 Ankiel, Rick CF/RF 0.308 0.606 0.914 Memphis
5 - T Mather, Joe OF/1B 0.342 0.550 0.892 Memphis/Sp
5 - T Anderson, Bryan C 0.405 0.487 0.892 Springfield
TL - Gorsett, Luke RF/LF 0.352 0.470 0.822 Quad Cities

Runs Created
"Runs Created" or RC is a statistic created by Bill James to measure a player's total offensive production. Bill James describes it by saying that scoring runs consists of two actions: First - getting on base or creating base runners and Second - the advancing of those runners around the bases. The formula we used to ascertain each player's RC incorporates the stolen base element of offense.

The Best
Jarrett Hoffpauir – Second Base – Springfield Cardinals
RC of 23.4

Balance of the Top Five

Rank Player  POS  RC Team Level
2 Craig, Allen 3B/1B/DH 22.9 Palm Beach A-Advanced
3 Buckman, Brandon 1B/DH 19.0 PB/QC
4 Mather, Joe OF/1B 18.7 Memphis/Sp
5 Ankiel, Rick CF/RF 18.5 Memphis Triple-A
TL - Gorsett, Luke RF/LF 13.3 Quad Cities A

Home Runs
The Best
Rick Ankiel – Centerfield – Memphis Redbirds
10 home runs in 99 at bats, 1:9.9 HR/AB

Balance of the Top Five

Rank Player  POS  HR AB HR/AB Team
2 Hamilton, Mark 1B/DH 9 92 1:10.2 Sp/PB
3 - T Craig, Allen 3B/1B/DH 7 98 1:14 Palm Beach
3 - T Mather, Joe OF/1B 7 100 1:14.3 Memphis/Sp
5 - T Richardson, Juan 3B/DH 5 101 1:20.2 Springfield
5 - T Rasmus, Colby CF 5 103 1:20.6 Springfield
TL  Schweitzer, Jared 2B/1B/3B 4 82 1:20.5 Quad Cities

Isolated Power
Isolated Power (ISO) is one of five primary production metrics used in identifying a hitter or pitcher's comparables. PECOTA uses a slightly modified version of Isolated Power that assigns the same value to triples as to doubles (extending a double into a triple is generally an indicator of speed, rather than additional power).

The Best
Mark Hamilton–First Base/Designated Hitter–Springfield/Palm Beach Cardinals
ISO of .359

Balance of the Top Five

Rank Player  POS  ISO Team Level
2 Ankiel, Rick CF/RF 0.343 Memphis Triple-A
3 Mather, Joe OF/1B 0.280 Memphis/Sp
4 Craig, Allen 3B/1B/DH 0.255 Palm Beach A-Advanced
5 Church, Ian LF/CF/RF 0.229 Palm Beach A-Advanced
TL - Gorsett, Luke RF/LF 0.181 Quad Cities A

Runs Batted In
The Best - Tie
Ian Church – Outfield – Palm Beach Cardinals
24 runs batted in – 83 at bats

Allen Craig – Third Base – Palm Beach Cardinals
24 runs batted in – 98 at bats

Juan Richardson – Third Base – Springfield Cardinals
24 runs batted in – 101 at bats

Balance of the Top Five

Rank Player  POS  RBI AB Team Level
4 Hamilton, Mark 1B/DH 21 92 Sp/PB
5 Mather, Joe OF/1B 20 100 Memphis/Sp
TL Reyes, Christian DH/C/1B 16 80 Quad Cities A

Stolen Bases
The Best –
Jim Rapoport – Centerfield – Palm Beach Cardinals
eight stolen bases in nine attempts

Balance of the Top Five

Rank Player  POS  SB CS Team Level
2 Jones, Daryl OF 6 2 Quad Cities A
T - 3rd Gonzalez, Edgar V. 2B 4 0 Memphis Triple-A
T - 3rd Danielson, Sean OF 4 2 Springfield Double-A
T - 3rd Rasmus, Colby CF 4 0 Springfield Double-A

Best Battin' Eye
The Best
Jarrett Hoffpauir – Second Base – Springfield Cardinals
1.5 BB/SO ratio, nine walks to six strikeouts in 83 plate appearances

Balance of the Top Five
There were no others in June

The Whiffer
If it comes near the plate, they start swinging…

The ‘Best' –
Christian Reyes– Designated Hitter/Catcher – Swing of the Quad Cities
23 strikeouts in 85 plate appearances, 1:3.7 K/PA ratio

Balance of the Top Five

Rank Player  POS  SO PA K/PA Team
2 Van Slyke, A.J. DH/1B/LF 22 82 3.73 Palm Beach
3 Richardson, Juan 3B/DH 31 116 3.74 Springfield
4 Ankiel, Rick CF/RF 27 107 3.96 Memphis
5 Yarbrough, Brandon C 21 90 4.29 Palm Beach

Qualifiers: Bryan Anderson, Rick Ankiel, Tagg Bozied, Brandon Buckman, Ian Church, Allen Craig, Sean Danielson, Edgar Gonzalez, Luke Gorsett, Chris Grossman, Mark Hamilton, Jarrett Hoffpauir, Daryl Jones, Joe Mather, Mike McCoy, Dan Nelson, Jim Rapoport, Colby Rasmus, Christian Reyes, Juan Richardson, Jared Schweitzer, Donovan Solano, Nathan Southard, Nick Stavinoha, A.J. Van Slyke, Brandon Yarbrough

Non-Qualifiers: Due to the large number of position players in the system, only qualifiers will be listed

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